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   Chapter 56 Hoisted With Her Own Petard (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7794

Updated: 2020-02-13 00:02

Hearing what Kevin said, Harper frowned. "Your Highness, I have something to say. Shall I speak?" she asked.

"What is it?"

"Thank you for the permission, Your Highness. The engagement between me and your son originated from the fact that my uncle had once saved your life. However, your son had no interest in me so he requested to cancel the engagement. Instead, he took a fancy to Felicia. Father agreed to this unreasonable request. Before the marriage, your son sneaked into the Chu Clan mansion and dated Yvonne, taking her virginity in the process. This caused Yvonne to become pregnant. Then, your wife allowed him to marry both Felicia and Yvonne. But unexpectedly, he refused to marry Felicia and broke his word again. What was worse was that he even declared their divorce before they even got married. That is a great humiliation to my family. Later, Yvonne was tortured to death right at the night they got married. One after another, insults were thrown on my family. What your people did to us can only be described as unbearably painful. It wasn't us who sent a concubine's daughter to you. It was your side who demanded to marry Yvonne."

Hearing Harper's speech, both Kevin and Kate grew awkward and angry. This was the first time Kevin was listening to this story in a detailed manner. Normally, it was Kate who kept updating him. But while Kate told him about it, she lied that Harper had behaved indecently. She said this was the sole reason Hansen suggested marrying another daughter of the Chu Clan. Kevin wasn't much interested in this matter. As far as he was concerned, he just wanted his daughter-in-law to be the daughter of the Chu Clan. But he didn't expect that there were so many accidents behind the scenes.

Even though Kevin knew it was his side's fault, he couldn't admit it. That would be a shame to him and his family. "If you hadn't behaved indecently, Hansen wouldn't have demanded to break off the engagement!"

"Your Highness, what makes you think I behaved indecently? I was wrongly accused of killing General Maxwell's child. Your son was afraid of being implicated, so he immediately broke off the engagement to me. That is the testimony to the fact that your son is a cold-blooded and unfaithful man. After that, he got engaged to Felicia. But he had an affair with Yvonne, another

Prime Minister Charles, if you admit that it is Yvonne who drugged my son, I will do my best to make it up to you." Kevin knew that Charles was a man eager for nothing but profit. The reason why Charles insisted on not letting it go easily was because he wanted more benefits. Kevin believed that if he offered Charles something, he was bound to accept it!

"My daughter would never do such a thing!" Charles said with a firm look. "Your Highness, if you insist on accusing my daughter wrongly, I will surely report it to His Majesty. I'm sure His Majesty will be fair in his analysis!"

"What on earth do you want?" Kate shouted. By now, she was seething with rage.

"I want your son to admit in front of everyone that he killed my daughter. What's more, I want you to arrange for my daughter a decent funeral. On top of that, you should compensate for the Chu Clan's loss. It is not easy to raise a daughter. My mother is now sick because of this tragedy, and my daughter's biological mother is also too sick to even leave the bed. Your Highness, please be fair. Your son killed my daughter! How could you make my dead daughter take the responsibility for it?"

"It's all your daughter's fault! That's the truth!" Kevin said, not wanting to hear words being spoken against his son. "It's impossible to make Hansen admit something he hasn't done!"

"Well, let's go to His Majesty. I will seek justice for myself!" As he spoke, Charles dragged Kevin by his collar in a fit of anger. "Let's go to see His Majesty!" he repeated with determination.

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