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   Chapter 55 Hoisted With Her Own Petard (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7370

Updated: 2020-02-12 01:22

The news that Hansen had tortured his wife to death on their wedding night was spread all over the streets and alleyways of the imperial capital. To make Prince Kevin's heir sound like a heartless man, some media happily altered the incidents and made up stories. Things became really hard for Kevin's family when Charles, the father of the dead bride, publicly accused Kevin and his heir in front of the emperor during the imperial court session.

After the imperial court session, Kevin and his wife paid a visit to the Chu Clan mansion. It was the first time that Kevin had set his foot in the Chu Clan mansion. He looked awful, unlike his normal self. He was also furious at his son for having tortured his wife to death. Even though he knew the gravity of what his son had done, he still thought he could talk to Charles and resolve the issue in private. But unexpectedly, the news had been leaked out, and the entire imperial capital had known it.

"Your Highness," Charles greeted.

"Prime Minister Charles," Kevin said through his gritted teeth. He was obviously holding his anger, trying his best to behave decently.

Looking at Kevin's grim face, Charles was also a little annoyed. "Your Highness, my daughter, Yvonne, is the legal wife of your heir, Hansen. But she was killed by him right after they got married. She couldn't get a day's worth of happiness! Everyone is talking that he killed her like an animal. Your Highness, do you have an explanation for his reckless behavior?"

"He is still young and doesn't know how to act. His immaturity is what caused this tragedy. It was something that could have been resolved in private. But now, everyone knows about it!" Kevin explained, not wanting to hide his anger any longer. His sharp and piercing eyes looked straight at Charles.

Charles, as a matter of fact, was the kind of man who was more than willing to let go of the past. He didn't wish to bring trouble to himself. To him, Yvonne was nobody but a humble daughter of his concubine. Truth be told, he didn't care much about her death. Yet he decided to accuse Kevin and his heir to the emperor in the imperial court session. But he didn't do this out of his love for Yvonne

My son didn't drug her!" Kevin insisted, not giving up on his pursuit to bring justice to his son.

"It's impossible for my daughter to poison your son!" Charles retorted back.

They got into a heated debate with each other. Sue, on the other hand, sat next to them, without uttering a word. Kate grew more worried as she watched the two men fight. It seemed like none of them would surrender. But at the same time, she knew it wasn't her place to interrupt. The only thing she could do was stare at her husband, hoping that they would bring an abrupt stop to this meaningless quarrel. They were here to discuss how to deal with the scandal. If Charles agreed to let it go, rumors outside would slowly subside.

When they were busying quarreling, Harper came over with a sad face. "Good day, Your Highnesses and Father."

"What brings you here?" Charles asked sternly. He seemed to have located a target to vent his anger. That very target was none other than Harper.

The expression on Harper's face didn't change. She lowered her head and said, "Father, Grandma was so sad about Yvonne's death that she fell ill."

"What?" After listening to this, Charles glared at Kevin and said in a sarcastic tone, "Your Highness, look what your good boy has done!"

"Of course my son is a good boy!" Kevin responded at once. "Hansen was supposed to marry Harper, but you sent us a concubine's daughter. She died and she deserved everything that had happened to her!"

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