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   Chapter 54 A Cruel Man (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7428

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"Stop her! She has gone insane!" Sue toppled over on the floor when Carrie completely lost it and grabbed her neck, with eyes looking as if she was really intending to kill her.

Forced to deal with such a situation, Charles became upset and extremely anxious. He asked the maids to pull Carrie away immediately. Be that as it might, it seemed that Carrie had no plans of letting Sue off that easily. The aggression she felt was so intense that Charles couldn't help but frown. At that moment, it was rather apparent that he had no idea his woman could be so crazy and savage.

"It's alright, Charles. I know Carrie is just angry. There's a lot going on in her in head right now, so I understand how she feels," Sue politely told him. "Help Carrie back to her house so she could cool her head off and get a good night's rest."

"Sue, don't you dare think that I'm done with you! I won't let off you that easy. You hurt my daughter. I won't let you off even if it kills me..." Only then did Carrie's tears finally run dry. A spiteful look flashed in Sue's eyes. Then, a look of sadness appeared on her face. As she tried to wipe away the tears in her eyes which didn't exist, she sighed, "Poor Yvonne..."

"You should get a hold of yourself! Stop your crying. I will make him pay for insulting us!" After telling her that, Charles walked toward the study. As Sue watched his receding figure, a smile suddenly crept onto her face. 'Yvonne, you had the audacity to dream of being His Highness's wife? Ha-ha! I don't think that's ever going to happen now!' she silently thought to herself.

As soon as Harper went back to her room, she saw the masked man sitting on her bed. "It seems that you knew about it," he said.

Nodding her head in response, Harper said, "I'm quite certain that Prince Kevin is going to send someone here to take care of this matter in private. And I believe that my father will agree on the compensation he's going to offer and let this thing pass just like that."

The man nodded his head. "For that reason, I have sent someone to spread the news. No need to worry. Everyone in the city is going to find out that Hansen tortured his wife to death on their wedding night."

"Mister Demon,

tore to me? I'll ask someone to manage it for you, and of course, I'm going to take a part of the profit."

After hearing that, Harper nodded enthusiastically. "That's a great news. You have a wide range of connections and I'm a good physician. If we work together, we're going to make a killing in the future."

"Are you short of money right now?"

"Yes, I'm actually short of money at the moment!" Harper said. "Who would actually hate money? Once I make enough money, I can finally leave this place and live the life I want."

The masked man was left totally dumbfounded. Never would he have expected that Harper was intending to leave the Chu Clan mansion. Then, he asked her, "You plan to leave the Chu Clan mansion?"

"Yes. That has been my goal all this time. I want to leave the Chu Clan mansion and maybe, just maybe, I will leave the city as well and go someplace else. I will find a place where nobody knows me, start a new life, open my shop and make money. Wouldn't that kind of life be awesome?" There was light in Harper's eyes. Although it was a little blurry, the man could still see it.

"You have a point. But you should know that the road you have to take in the outside world is not as easy as you think. And getting away from the Chu Clan is not a simple task."

"There's going to be a solution for that!" Harper answered in a low voice as she counted the bank notes. "Right now, my only wish is that my father wouldn't plot anything against me."

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