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   Chapter 51 Something Happened To Yvonne (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6486

Updated: 2020-02-11 01:09

Harper remained in the Emerald House after the poisoning incident. Those who wanted her dead couldn't find any chance to do anything to her.

Yvonne's wedding dress had finally arrived. Prince Kevin's servants delivered the dreamy red dress. When Yvonne tried it on along with a crown of pearls on her head, her entire being glittered and moved Carrie to tears. Who would have thought that her daughter would find herself getting married in such a lovely gown and to a prince's heir no less? It was one of those things she did not let herself imagine as a concubine.

"Oh, my dear daughter! You look so beautiful in your wedding dress." Carrie couldn't help but admire Yvonne. Say anything you want about Charles and his shamelessness, but it couldn't be denied the good looks he had passed down to his daughters.

Yvonne's happiness radiated from her. As she looked at herself in the mirror, she began to realize how far she had come. She was going to marry the heir of Prince Kevin tomorrow! After tomorrow's ceremony, no one would dare insult her as the daughter of a concubine. No one would dare beat her blue and black. She was going to step up in ranks and become a member of the imperial family.

"Mother, nobody would dare step on us now!" Yvonne said excitedly. From now on, her mother's status in the Chu Clan would improve. And even better, she wouldn't have to bow down to Sue anymore. She would outrank that bitch from tomorrow.

Carrie grinned. "Prince Kevin's family still thinks highly of you. Take a look at the wedding dress, the crown and the jewelry! They all look so expensive, especially the wedding dress. It smells so good!"

Yvonne smelled the wedding dress on her body. It surely smelled nice. Prince Kevin's servants must have sprayed some kind of high-class perfume on the dress. How considerate they were!

At midnight, a number of maids were sent from the Prince Kevin's mansion to begin preparing Yvon

he had changed completely. She was no longer arrogant and aggressive. She became a considerate person. But there was something about her kindness that made Sue wary.

"My Lady." Ruby pulled the sleeve of Sue as a warning. Sue drew her attention from Harper and went inside the mansion. 'Things have just begun. And if Carrie thinks that everything will be just fine after her daughter marries His Highness, then she's simply stupid!' she thought angrily to herself. Carrie and Yvonne's bright future hung on Yvonne's unborn child. If something were to happen with Yvonne's child, there would be hell to pay.

Thinking of this, Sue looked resentfully at Harper's leaving figure. If it weren't for Harper, that bitch wouldn't have become Hansen's wife. This was unacceptable to her. She had once thought Carrie was a wise woman who could do her a good favor in the future. But it turned out she was also useless. In that case, there was no need to keep her alive.

The whole Chu Clan celebrated Yvonne's wedding. All of the family members gathered together for dinner. At the party, Charles was very happy and had a drop too much. Mavis was also very happy. But her old age seemed to catch up with her and she got tired easily after a short while. Annie helped her go back to her own room.

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