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   Chapter 50 Put This Drug On Her Wedding Dress

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 10386

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"Your Highness, a lotus lantern is lit up in the Chu Clan mansion." The guard came in and reported to Matthew. A gust of wind came and Matthew, who was in a wheelchair, disappeared in the darkness.

Harper thought the masked man couldn't see her lotus lantern since it was too late at night. She thought that even if he saw it, he would not come until the next day. She didn't expect to see him so soon.

"You want to see me?" A voice rang out in the darkness. Seeing that it was the masked man, Harper heaved a sigh of relief.

"It's so late. I didn't expect you to come here tonight." Harper was surprised. She straightened her clothes and found the man leaning against the window, looking at her quietly.

"What do you want?" the man asked her directly. He already knew that something had happened. He had his own guess, and based from the news coming from the Chu Clan mansion, there was something she needed to share with him. But he wanted Harper to tell him herself.

After hesitating for a moment, Harper walked to the window. "You said you could get whatever you want. Is that true?"

"Of course."

"Can we get Yvonne's wedding dress?" Harper asked softly. "The dress will be sent to the Chu Clan mansion the day before the wedding. I wouldn't have a chance to touch it."

"My guess was right. Those two women are ungrateful and vicious." There was a hint of mockery behind his words.

"Just as I expected," Harper calmly replied. "I've already reached my goal. If she hadn't been so greedy and tried to kill me, I wouldn't have paid attention to them. There are many people who want me dead, and I'm not going to wait for anyone to kill me. I'm not that kind of person who repays injury with kindness."

The man looked at Harper as if she was a puzzle he couldn't solve. He thought she would be sad and angry at being betrayed. When the guard told him that Harper lit the lotus lantern at the Chu Clan mansion, he came as soon as he could. But she didn't look angry or sad. She didn't look like she needed to be comforted, which he thought he'd be doing when he came here. Instead, she looked calm and collected, as if she had already expected the worst.

"How can you remain calm after getting betrayed by the people you've trusted?" he asked, confused. He hated being betrayed the most. Betrayals led to death. Therefore, he couldn't afford to be betrayed.

Harper shrugged her shoulders. "Before everything unfold, I've already thought of the worst thing that could happen. Since I've already thought of the worst, I'm mentally prepared for the result."

"Do you want me to get Yvonne's wedding dress for you?" he asked, changing the topic.

Harper shook her head and took out a small green bottle. "No. I just need you to add something to her wedding dress."

"What's this?" He was about to open the lid when Harper stopped him, a surprised expression on her face.

"Don't open it!" Harper exclaimed in shock. She then realized that she was overreacted. But she didn't let go of his wrist and just said awkwardly, "It's a bottle of philter."

"You want to give her th

s of attention of a man? She could do nothing but cry. Hansen was an unpredictable and fickle man, but Felicia couldn't see it. And she was even willing to be a concubine! When Hansen called off the engagement to Harper, she didn't cry or beg to be Hansen's concubine.

"Felicia, do you trust me?" Sue grabbed Felicia's shoulder with such a great force that it made Felicia cry out of pain.

"Mother, I trust you."

"If you trust me, you should just eat well and take care of yourself. Everything will fall into place and just wait to see what will happen to that bitch!" A vicious look flashed Sue's eyes. "I will never let her off since she stole things from you. Don't worry. His Highness will be yours and no one can take him away from you!"

"Really?" Hope flashed through Felicia's lifeless eyes, as if she was waiting for someone to give her this thing that could probably save her.

"I promise you!" Sue would not disappoint Felicia. As long as her daughter was alive, it didn't matter if she told a lie. "So the most important thing right now is to heal your wounds. Make sure they would leave no scars on your body. And then have a good meal. If you appear in front of His Highness elegant and beautiful, he will definitely fall for you."

"Really?" Felicia went wild with joy, fiddling with her hair and clothes. "Mother, do I look ugly now?"

"No, you're not. You're the most beautiful woman in the world. His Highness couldn't appreciate your beauty before but he'll come to his senses. You'll see. He'll find you're the best woman out there. Soon." Sue felt bitter in her mind. 'Hansen and Kate are mean and heartless. How could my daughter fall in love with such a person? If I hadn't destroyed Hansen's engagement to Harper, she would have been the one suffering this fate. Not Felicia!' she thought to herself.

With a shy smile on her face, Felicia finally felt better in days. She stopped going on hunger strike and allowed to be treated under the persuasion of the Sue. Her body gradually recovered. And the day of Yvonne's wedding came.

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