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   Chapter 49 Where Did The Poison Come From (Part Two)

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"Get me some water from the kitchen," Harper said calmly. There were only four maids in the Emerald House. Harper did not ask for more in order to avoid this kind of unexpected thing to happen. Unfortunately, trouble had its way of happening even when she had done everything to avoid it.

Nina soon fetched some water and put it into a bowl. Harper took a sip. The water was clean.

"What do you think, My Lady?" Nina asked anxiously.

"There is no problem with the water." Frowning, Harper wondered how the bird's nest soup had been poisoned. Frustrated that she couldn't figure it out, Harper went to inspect the kitchen. Enya and Elsie didn't know what happened to make Harper's mood sour but they sensed they had to stay silent.

Harper checked the water tank in the kitchen and the bird's nest again. Then she looked at the roof and the windowsill. Even the ash in the stove did not have a trace of the poison. But there was poison in the soup. That much she was certain.

'It's so strange!' Harper thought for a long time, but still was unable to figure out a possibility. It took a certain brand of brilliance and cunning to be able to poison her so subtly. If it weren't for her medical background, she wouldn't detect the poison at all. They would have been poisoned to their deaths. If someone had run into the Emerald House to poison her, her maids should have noticed that person's presence. What on earth could have happened?

With a serious face, she sat by the table, staring at a point as her fingers tapped on the table slightly. Suddenly, her hand tipped the cup lid by accident. The lid rolled and fell to the floor before it broke into several pieces.

"Ah, it broke again." Upon seeing that, Anabel immediately went to clean the debris.

"Anabel, you said it broken again. What do you mean?" Harper asked in surprise.

Without raising her head, Anabel continued cleaning the pieces and answered, "Last night, Elsie accidentally broke the lid. So I went and got another new one from the storage house. I didn't expect it to break again now. It seems that we have to get another one tomorrow."

Harper pulled Anabel swiftly and stopped her from touching the broken pieces of the cup lid. Squatting down, she began to inspect one of the pieces. "My Lady, be careful. It may cut your hand," Anabel said with c

have allowed Sue to do her bidding for so long.

"Lady Carrie, it's so late now. What are you doing outside my house?" Carrie and Shirley screamed at the voice. They turned around and found Harper standing behind them. It took them by surprise as they fell to the ground.

Carrie sat on the ground and pointed at Harper, trembling. "You... You..." she stammered.

"Lady Carrie, it seems like you did not learn your lesson yesterday," Harper said.

Carrie was so frightened that she immediately took her finger back. After she was sure that Harper was fine and was not poisoned, she gritted her teeth and stood up. "I was just out for a midnight stroll," she replied, trying hard to calm herself down.

"Oh, were you?" Harper sneered, making her look terrifying in the dark night. Carrie's heart beat fast as if it would break out of her chest any time. "The road is slippery. People always easily fall down when they walk at night. I think you'd better go back as soon as you can. Otherwise, you may fall down once again," Harper stated emotionlessly.

Carrie wanted to talk back, but she knew that it was not appropriate to appear outside Harper's house so late at night. So she turned around and left with her maid. After a few steps, she twisted her ankle. After she got up, she pinched Shirley as she limped away. Harper's eyes went cold as ice. 'I have already given you the last chance. Since you've just thrown it back to my face, don't blame me for all the things coming your way.'

"Nina, go and light a lotus lantern," she told Nina.

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