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   Chapter 48 Where Did The Poison Come From (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 7334

Updated: 2020-02-10 02:32

Carrie was hurt by Harper, so she thought to tell what happened to her husband. However, she wasn't able to see Charles. She went to the Peony House, thinking she could malign Harper in front of Mavis. But when she arrived at Peony House, Annie stopped her and did not allow her to enter the house.

"Nanny Annie, is Lady Mavis in?" Carrie was proud to be Hansen's future mother-in-law. But even so, she liked to play safe and keep all her pride inside. There was no reason for her to unnecessarily boast in her mother-in-law's house. It was better to keep her head down and act modestly.

Annie smiled sadly at her, not believing Carrie was truly in the house to pay a kind visit to Mavis. "Oh, you just missed her. Lady Mavis has already fallen asleep. But before that, she asked me to deliver a message to you."

"Tell me." Carrie bit her lip, looking uneasy. At this, she recalled that Harper had left the Peony House earlier. Something must have happened while she was here. Did Harper accuse her of something in front of Mavis? Promptly, she asked Annie, "Did Harper say anything bad about me?"

Annie frowned, which Carrie thought to speak louder than any word she could have said. To cover herself, she rebuked, "How shameless of her! She called me all the unpleasant words you can think of to curse and hurt me, and now you're telling me she defamed me in front of Lady Mavis? Unbelievable!"

"Lady Carrie!" Annie objected. "On the contrary, Lady Harper did not say anything ill of you in front of Lady Mavis. Lady Mavis asked me to tell you that you should be wary of your identity. You are a concubine and as such, you will remain a concubine for the rest of your life. Lady Harper is the daughter of Prime Minister Charles' first wife. It is not just allowed for you to offend her. Severe punishment awaits anyone who oversteps their boundaries."

Carrie's eye twitched at the awkwardness of this scene. She refused to feel guilty, even though the feeling of guilty in her heart began to coil tighter. "I did not intent to offend Harper in any way, intentionally or not. In fact, one could say it was her—"

Before she could finish, Annie interrupted her. "Well, I was just

int smile on Harper's face. She took a spoonful of the bird's nest, excited to try the delicious meal. Before she could swallow it, she immediately spat it out. Seeing Anabel bring a bowl filled with the same food, she quickly stretched her arm out and overturned the bowl in Anabel's hand.

"What's wrong, My Lady?" Anabel asked in surprise.

"Don't eat. There's poison in it," Harper said in a low voice.

"I didn't poison it, My Lady," said Anabel, frightened, as she took a step back.

After washing her mouth with water, Harper said, "I know it's not you. I have also checked the bird's nest. It is not poisoned. Have you left the pot while you were stewing it?"

"I have always been careful with what you eat, My Lady. We never left. Nina and I took turns to watch the food all the time," Anabel replied. She looked pale with fear. If Harper didn't detect the poison in the bird's nest, all of them would have been dead now.

"Enya, Elsie," Harper called.

"Yes, My Lady," Enya and Elsie responded in chorus.

"Has anyone entered to the kitchen today?" Harper asked with a dark look.

Enya and Elsie shook their heads and replied, "No."

Harper then waved her hand and signaled to them to leave. Her mind began to race. Nina and Anabel had never left the kitchen. According to her other maids, no one came close to the kitchen. She had checked and confirmed that the bird's nest was clean. Strangely, where did the poison come from?

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