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   Chapter 47 Self-conceited

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Felicia was supposed to be Hansen's future wife, but he had abandoned her. Not only did he break off the engagement, but he had also sent over a letter announcing divorce. She had become a divorcee before she was even called a wife. At that point, her reputation was ruined.

Yvonne's reputation succeeded itself from just being a concubine's daughter to being a daughter of Charles' wife. She became Hansen's fiancee now and would become his wife. Carrie was now temporarily managing the domestic affairs of the mansion, enjoying the fame and prestige that came with the title. Not only that, but she was also doing everything in her power to bring more goods to Yvonne's house.

Nina and Anabel returned the next day. When they heard of the events that had unfolded in the mansion, Anabel was the first one to react. "My Lady, you've helped Yvonne so much, and she didn't even visit you to express her thanks. Doesn't she know that she wouldn't have become your mother's daughter and His Highness's fiancee if not because of you?" she harshly whispered, scowling at the thought.

Harper glanced at her. "Have you forgotten what I've told you?"

Anabel paled at her reprimanding words. Never criticize a lady in the mansion behind her back—a golden rule that Harper had stressed. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"Yvonne has just become His Highness's future wife. It's understandable that she forgot to come and visit me. As the temporary hostess for the family, Carrie's also rushing back and forth the mansion, so she also doesn't have any time to spare." Harper played with the zither. "Don't be too talkative, Anabel. Others might misinterpret you."

Although Anabel was not convinced, she knew of Harper's short temper. "I just think it's unfair."

"But I'm okay with that." Harper continued to play, its enchanting music echoing throughout the hallways. The two maids sat and swayed their heads to the melody. Though they thought Harper was wronged, they found that they couldn't say anything more. Being just two maids, they didn't really have much of a say in these household matters.

Ever since Carrie reigned over the family affairs, she got a taste of power. Everything was going to her liking. Felicia was beaten and locked in the ancestral hall. Sue had been so busy assisting Felicia that she had no time to go against Carrie. And now that Carrie was the hostess, she could do everything in her power to support Yvonne. She was over the moon!

"Mother, have you visited Harper?" Yvonne asked casually as she gingerly took a bite of the bird's nest soup.

"Why should I?" Carrie said indifferently. "I'm in charge of the mansion now, so we don't have to please her anymore."

"Shouldn't we thank her? I mean, without her, I wouldn't have become a daughter of Father's wife or His Highness's fiancee," Yvonne said, shrugging. Though she brought it up, she couldn't care less if they'd thank her or not. In her eyes, Harper was doing all of these to suck up to her because she needed her in the future.

"Fine. I'll send someone with some gifts to thank her." Carrie tugged her food with a fork. "A hostess is really so different from the others. Back then, we didn't have the right to eat such food. That bitch Sue used to feed her brats with best food. Now look where she

rvants to move Felicia out of the ancestral hall and just lock her in Splendor House. That way, Felicia would be more comfortable in her house. Plus it's more convenient for Mother to take care of her." Harper was calm, careful to not show any anger or annoyance with her words. Mavis stared at her for a very long time before nodding her head.

"Well, we'll do as you say. Tell Felicia to stay in Splendor House and reflect on her mistakes. She's still not allowed to be released from her residence. Also tell the servants to take good care of Yvonne. We mustn't make any mistakes." Mavis was afraid of something happening to Yvonne during the pregnancy. She was still in the Chu Clan mansion, and was in their responsibility. If something were to happen to either her or her baby, it would affect their relationship with Prince Kevin and could threaten Charles' future.

"Yes, Grandma."

Harper rubbed Mavis' back and handed her the medicine. After a few minutes of making sure that everything was in shape, she left the room. Mavis watched her, musing to herself. "She's more reserved, isn't she? Sometimes, I just can't see through her."

"My Lady, it's good that Lady Harper is reserved. The Imperial Palace isn't the same as the Chu Clan mansion, and there are too many snakes there. If she were more transparent, she'd be dead before she could even step foot in the Imperial Palace. This change can be a good thing for her." Annie patted Mavis' legs. "Lady Harper came in late today, so I was curious on her whereabouts. When I asked around, I was told that Lady Carrie stopped Lady Harper on the way and acted out. Lady Harper scolded her accordingly."

"She is a fool!" Mavis turned bright red at the thought of Carrie even approaching Harper. "Though Sue's vicious herself, she always knows how to act on the surface. Carrie's a fool for barging in out-of-place. If it weren't for Harper, her daughter would've never been His Highness's fiancee She wishes! The ungrateful wench!"

"Well, she was from a more ordinary family." Annie smiled. "Now that her daughter's soaring up the ranks, she thinks she's better than anyone else."

"You can remind her of her position."

"Yes, My Lady."

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