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   Chapter 46 Cooperation

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The farce in the Chu Clan mansion had ended. Harper went back to her own house. She had asked Nina and Anabel to hide away for a few days so that they could avoid being framed. Since Enya and Elsie were secretly working for Sue, Harper didn't dare to order them around. Perhaps it was because she came back too late that they didn't show up.

When she entered her room, she saw a man sitting on a chair and flipping through the notebook she wrote.

"Why are you here?" It was the masked man she had healed when he broke into the Chu Clan mansion with injuries.

The masked man threw the notebook on the table and pursed his lips as he looked at Harper. "You made a big show today!"

Instead of answering him, Harper opened the window and looked around for anyone who might overhear.

"Stop looking. There's nobody here. I also knocked out your two maids," he explained slowly as if he knew what Harper was worried about.

Harper shut the window and sat opposite him. "Are you getting better?"

"Yes." The man folded his arms across his chest. "Your medicine's very useful."

"Since you're already healed, why did you come here? I don't think I have anything that you would want," she said tentatively.

"I came here to look for something but I got curious about all the lights and shooting in the Chu Clan mansion. So I stayed aside and watched the whole scene. What poison did you use on your sister to make her lose her mind?" This woman always surprised him; he wanted to know just how many secrets she had.

"I don't know what you are talking about!" Harper glared at him.

"Woman, don't be afraid of me," the man said coldly. "If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead already."

"I know." If she had sensed a murderous aura from him, she wouldn't have sat still and waited for her death.

"You know?" The man snorted at her words. "As a physician, you should know the effects of the drug. You knew that Felicia would attack you when she lost her mind. Why didn't you defend yourself?"

For all Harper expected the man to make trouble, it never occurred to her that he would ask her this question. "If I defended myself, they would've seen through my trick."

"You're powerful; it wouldn't have been a problem for you to kick her over."

"Most of the people in the Chu Clan are cunning. I must have some tricks up my sleeve to save my life in the nick of time." It was awkward for the two of them to just sit there so Harper asked, "Do you want to have some tea?"


While Harper was preparing the tea, the man watched her quietly. He just wanted to see her so he came to the Chu Clan mansion but unexpectedly caught her plotting against her sister.

The man sipped the lotus leaf tea that Harper made. It was simple but had a special taste. A


"Deal." Harper then held out her hand. "Let's high five for our cooperation!"

The masked man stretched out his arm and patted his hand against hers. His hand dwarfed Harper's hand and he could hold her whole hand in his palm.

"Since we have a deal, you can take these things away." Harper led the masked man in a small room with two huge boxes filled with jars.

"I put a label on each of them to show the effects of them. I just finished all of these and I think it's enough for the time being." The man turned at the sound of her relaxed voice and was entranced by how she looked from the side.

"Okay, I'll take these with me. When you have more of these, light a lotus lamp in your yard. I'll send someone to take them away."

"Here's a bottle of Skin-smoothing Cream. You need to find a way to deliver it to Felicia since she is wounded. She is in desperate need of this as she doesn't want any scars on her body." Harper handed it over to the man. "Be careful."

"Don't worry. You should keep an eye on those women and protect yourself from getting hurt. Take care of yourself." The masked man took the bottle and carried the boxes as he disappeared into the darkness.

Once he was out of sight, Harper closed the window. The sight of the Skin-smoothing Cream on the table made her get lost in her thoughts. Although she had something better, this was the first time that someone had given her something without any ulterior motives. After a moment's deliberation, she began applying some of the cream on her wounds. All women cared for their appearance and she didn't want any scars on her body either.

The delicate face reflected in the bronze mirror didn't have marks but it did looked a little swollen. Harper touched her cheek and vowed to pay back the insult, and she hoped that Carrie and Yvonne wouldn't let her down!

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