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   Chapter 45 Punishment

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Harper stumbled forward, eyes filled with tears. She tried so hard to hold her tears back.

"Felicia, I know you love His Highness and he loves you too. His Highness even broke off our engagement to marry you. And I gave way because you are my dear sister and I care for you. Why would you want to hurt me after I've done this for you?"

Tears streamed down her face. "I have given up my dream of becoming His Highness's wife. And I have promised you that I will never see His Highness again. I have given you everything you want since we were little. I have always put your happiness first. Why? Why would you try to kill me again and again? You're so vicious."

Harper's words made Kate's heart break. She felt so sorry for her. "Harper, you've suffered a lot."

"I... You..." Tears welled up in Felicia's eyes. She didn't know how to reply. At that moment, Sue finally managed to free herself and ran into Felicia's room. As soon as she came in, she saw Felicia's face was beaten so hard that she could hardly recognize her.

"What's going on?" Sue asked in worry. She trembled and constantly wiped the tears of Felicia.

"What a shameless concubine!" Kate snorted. She was not happy with both Sue and Felicia. "Your daughter is a vicious girl!"

"Your Highness, what are you talking about? Felicia has always been a very nice girl. Please don't be deceived by the real evil in this room." It was obvious that Sue was talking about Harper. She was sure Harper was the one who poisoned Kate's perception of Felicia. Kate had always favored Felicia and wouldn't have said anything ill about Felicia if not for Harper's slander.

"Deceived?" Kate sneered. "All of us heard Felicia say that she was the one who poisoned Yvonne and framed Harper. It's obvious who has been telling lies. She even asked her maid to go and see whether Yvonne and Harper were dead or not."

Sue's face paled. She looked at Felicia in disbelief. But when Felicia cast her eyes down to avoid direct eye contact, Sue understood at once. She was exasperated at Felicia for always making trouble!

Sue crawled to Kate, held her hand and said, "Your Highness, there must be some misunderstanding. Felicia would never say something like that."

"Enough!" Kate shook off Sue's hands and slapped her hard across the face. Red fingerprints appeared on Sue's face right away. It was at that moment that Charles and Mavis entered the room.

As soon as Kate saw them coming, she said, "Prime Minister Charles, Lady Mavis, since you are here, I'll make it clear to you. I will never let such a vicious woman be my daughter-in-law!"

"No! Your Highness, please don't say that!" Felicia fell on her knees and crawled to Kate. "Your Highness, I won't do it again. It's all my fault. I'm begging you. Please don't say that. His Highness and I love each other very much. I lost my mind when I found that Yvonne seduced him behind my back. I just wanted to teach her a lesson." Before Felicia could say anything more and dig herself into much more trouble, Sue crawled towards her and covered her mouth. It would be better for Felicia to say nothing.

With tears all over her face, Felicia struggled against Sue's hold over her. Meanwhile, Kate couldn't believe the lengths the young girl would go to cover herself. Spurred by her anger, she replied, "Who do you really want to teach a le

me see if anyone will love you after you are disfigured. I will kill you!" Felicia had lost her mind. She kept on hitting Harper. Moving quickly, Charles moved towards them and kicked Felicia off Harper's flailing body.

"Father, help me!" Harper shouted. Something in her expression disarmed Charles of his anger. He had never seen his daughter this scared and in need of him. He pulled her up and protectively held her in his arms.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here. No one can hurt you. Don't be afraid," Charles said. Harper stiffened. She couldn't remember the last time Charles treated her with gentleness.

Seeing Felicia getting up and trying to get close to Harper again, he kicked her hard in her belly, which made her fall to the floor hard. It was pure chaos in the ancestral hall.

"Bring me the whip! I'm going to kill that bitch!" Charles had never felt anger like this before. He snatched the whip and began whipping Felicia. The whip was made from a secret material that made each stroke felt like a thousand ants biting the body. Sue screamed and rushed to protect Felicia.

Sue covered Felicia's body but Charles continued whipping anyway. He stopped caring whether it was Felicia or Sue who had been receiving the bite of the whip. He just gave out the punishment again and again. Meanwhile, Harper hurried to help Mavis to sit down. The other ladies were shocked by what was happening. They had always known Charles to be gentle and kind. There was no trace of that man as he brought down punishment upon Sue and Felicia.

He didn't stop whipping until he was too tried to hold the whip. Felicia had already passed out. Sue's clothes had been torn into shreds. Both of their bodies were covered with blood.

"Servants, lock Felicia in the ancestral hall. She can't go out without my permission. And from now on, Sue will no longer handle any family errand." Looking at the people at present, Charles continued, "Carrie, you're the one in charge of the family errands from now on."

"Charles..." Sue raised her head incredulously and looked at Charles. Compared with being hit, she felt more embarrassed and hurt when Charles took away her power in the family. And without looking at her, Charles left with Mavis.

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