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   Chapter 44 Venomous Slander (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5558

Updated: 2020-02-10 00:02

"No, thanks. Felicia has already been treated by—"

"Go and take a look!" Kate interrupted Sue. "After all, Felicia will be my son Hansen's wife soon. We can't make any mistakes. Go and see Felicia."

"Yes, Your Highness."

Kate told her maid to keep an eye on Sue, and she herself, as well as Wade Wang and the others, went straight to Splendor House where Felicia lived. When they arrived at the door, two maids guarding the door wanted to warn Felicia, but they were stopped by Harper. Everyone immediately heard some foul words being used by Felicia!

"Is that bitch dead?"

"My Lady, keep it down. They have gone there, but..."

"But what? Since she dares to steal my future husband, she should die!" Angrily, Felicia smashed something which made a loud noise. "Yvonne, do you think you can surpass me after having a child? No way! As long as I am alive, you are just a concubine. What's the big deal if you're pregnant? This time, I'd like to see if the baby in your belly can be kept alive!"

"My Lady, Lady Harper is at home and has good medical skills. If she saves her—"

"There is no way Harper can save that bitch. My mother and father have already taken her to be a murderess. How can they let her get close to that bitch? Even if she wants to save that bitch, she can't! Go check whether that bitch is dead or not. Also, confirm if that bitch Harper has been beaten to death!" Felicia chuckled proudly.

Everything was clear to everyone who heard it. Kate trembled with anger listening to these foul words. She didn't expect that Felicia was the one who had poisoned Yvonne. And to make things worse, she was vicious enough to frame Ha

as a princess. She lurched forward and grabbed Felicia's hair. Recklessly, she continued to place several slaps across Felicia's face.

"Physician Wade, tell us what you have found out after checking her!"

Wade Wang glanced at Felicia, who was almost knocked dead by Kate. But knowing he had to follow Kate's orders, he said, "The poison given to Lady Yvonne and Lady Felicia happens to be the same. This poison is normally aimed at a pregnant woman. It will cause the woman to lose her baby and die. Luckily, Lady Yvonne is in good health and was rescued in time. By God's grace, her baby isn't harmed either. Even though Lady Felicia is poisoned, the amount used is very little. It only has the capacity to make her uncomfortable but can't harm her."

"The amount doesn't matter! The fact remains I too was poisoned by Harper! It is not my fault that I was lucky enough to have had only a small dose of poison!" Felicia wasn't the type to give up, so she continued with her attempts at framing Harper.

Harper looked at her with a sad expression. "Felicia, I didn't expect you to hate me so much!"

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