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   Chapter 43 Venomous Slander (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6332

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Mavis once again lurched forward and hit Sue with her walking stick. Seeing this, Harper got up and caught hold of Mavis.

"Grandma, calm down. Getting angry is bad for your health," Harper said while sobbing uncontrollably. Mavis turned her gaze at Harper and noticed Sue's handprint on Harper's fair face. She was already furious but this intensified her anger.

Just when this was happening, Charles returned home. He was informed by a servant that Sue was creating a scene in Peony House. Realizing the matter must be serious, he quickly rushed over there. "What happened, Mother? Why do you look so angry? If there's something wrong, I can deal with it."

In this agitated state, Mavis couldn't even say anything. She continued staring at Sue. At that moment, Sue became the villain who had come with an unreasonable complaint. "Charles, you must seek justice for me. Harper was so vicious as she had given poisoned wedding gifts to Yvonne and Felicia. Right now, they are lying in bed, unconscious. I am particularly worried about Yvonne since she is pregnant. And let's not forget she is carrying His Highness's child. If something happens to her, what will we do?"

After listening to this, Charles merely made his way towards Sue and placed a tight slap in her face. This took her completely off-guard. For a moment, Sue was dizzy and found it hard to see anything clearly.

Once she had regained her composure, she wondered if this was all just a dream. They had been married for over ten years yet this was the first time he had beaten her.

She slowly began to mumble, "Charles, I... Did I make a mistake? Why did you hit me?" As she spoke, she was trembling, soaked in pain and humiliation.

By now, Mavis had regained her ability to speak. Bitterly, she pointed her finger at Sue and said, "I was the one who had prepared the wedding gifts. Since you said the gifts were

imperial physician to Yvonne's residence.

Mavis and Charles went along with Kate. Sue felt uneasy knowing things weren't going as per her plan. She never thought Harper would have an alibi to prove she hadn't touched the presents from beginning to end.

In Excellence House, Yvonne gave a heartrending cry. Kate rushed in and asked the imperial physician, "Physician Wade, come here and check on this girl. Is she alright? How is the baby?"

Wade Wang immediately diagnosed Yvonne and then told her to take the prescribed antidote for the poison. "Your Highness, don't worry. Although Lady Yvonne was poisoned and her child was also affected, she happens to have a good physical health. Fortunately, both mother and baby are safe."

"Physician Wade, are my sister and her child really fine?" Harper asked concernedly. Her concern for her sister moved everyone who witnessed it.

"Lady Harper, don't worry. Lady Yvonne is all right now." Even the physician's words didn't relieve Harper of her worries. Instead, she moved closer to them and checked Yvonne's pulse. Suddenly, her expression changed. "Physician Wade, Felicia was also poisoned. Please check her without any delay. Yvonne is in so much pain. I guess Felicia is the same. Please save her."

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