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   Chapter 42 Harper Poisoned Them

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 11115

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Sue had been eagerly waiting for Harper to make a move. However, Harper didn't make one yet. She merely greeted Mavis and Charles for two days in a row. After this, she would head back to her own house.

Quickly, the wedding day approached, but Harper hadn't taken any actions yet. Sue was pacing back and forth, anxiously wondering what Harper was up to. Just then, one of the maids reported that Harper had come.

"Good timing!" she mumbled. Sue's mind was filled with schemes that were dying to be put into action. One could tell she had vicious plans just by looking into her eyes. No matter what, Sue was determined to make Harper suffer for everything she had done.

Harper was followed by Annie and a young maid whom Sue had never seen before. When she saw the box in the maid's hands, Sue's eyes flashed with greed. "You came!"

"Greetings, Mother." Sue showed a caring look when Harper saluted her. She requested Harper to sit next to her.

"Please don't behave so politely. After all, we are family," Sue said, feigning a very gentle smile. As she spoke, Annie looked at her from the corner of her eyes but didn't utter a single word.

"I see that Nanny Annie has come along. So tell me, is there any message for me from Mother?" Sue asked, curious to know if they were here on Mavis' request. Although she held a strong dislike towards Mavis, she didn't dare to go against her.

Annie bowed, put the box in her hands on the table, and said, "Lady Mavis are very happy that Lady Felicia and Lady Yvonne will get married soon. As their grandmother, she has prepared something for both of them. Please give them to the two ladies."

"On behalf of my two daughters, I thank her. Please convey my gratitude when you return," Sue said in a joyful voice. Whatever Mavis had prepared, she was certain they must be of great value. Even if they had to be divided into two shares, they were bound to be extravagant.

Noticing that this news had filled Sue with elation, Harper immediately asked her maid to bring out her gifts. "Mother, I have prepared these gifts for my two sisters. Please give the gifts to them."

"Oh, you too have something for us," Sue said and eagerly took them out. On opening, she saw it contained two sets of jewels, but the jade used was different on each set. It depicted the difference in their status. "You are so thoughtful, Harper."

"I hope my two sisters will like them," Harper said with a smile. "I am aware they have many rare treasures to relish. Yet I hope my gifts will be of some value to them."

"Of course they are! They are not just gifts; they are your love and affection. How could they not like them? I bet they will be thrilled to see them." Sue was trying her best to pretend kindness. To someone who knew Sue well, it would look weird. Annie was already starting to frown.

"Thank you, Mother. Your words have truly relieved of my worries." Harper breathed a sigh of relief. "It's getting hot these days, and Grandma doesn't seem to have a good appetite. I think I should be leaving and go visiting Grandma."

"If that's the case, then I think you should be leaving. I will go visit Mother later with Felicia and Yvonne." Sue sent her away, and her eyes suddenly fell on the maid behind Harper. Sue pointed her finger to the new maid and asked, "She i

r and then turned to Mavis. "Both Lady Yvonne and Lady Felicia are poisoned. Now the physician is at Lady Felicia's place. Lady Yvonne..."

"I'll go and check on Yvonne." Harper stood up and was about to leave, but Annie stopped her.

"No need to rush, My Lady." Annie looked at Mavis, and said with embarrassment, "Lady Sue is causing trouble outside, claiming Lady Harper is the one who has poisoned them."

"How is that even possible?!" Listening to this, Mavis was so startled that she dropped her tea cup to the floor. She realized Sue was going too far. It was beyond crazy how she framed Harper like this.

Annie sighed with resignation. Slowly, she went on and elaborated, "They said that Lady Harper had added poison onto the two sets of jewels that she gave to Lady Yvonne and Lady Felicia."

Mavis' fury intensified on hearing this explanation. She was the one who had prepared the two sets of jewels that Harper had given to her two sisters. So according to this, Sue was implying that she, Mavis, had poisoned her granddaughters!

"What does Sue want?" Mavis spat out, not wanting to repress her anger any longer.

Annie cast a glance at Harper and said, "Lady Sue is going to take Lady Harper into custody and wait until Prime Minister Charles gets back."

"Okay, I'm coming with you, Harper. Let's see how vicious she can be!" Mavis walked out with Annie's help, and Harper followed them obediently.

The anger and hatred were written all over Sue's face when she saw Harper coming out. Ignoring Mavis, Sue rushed to Harper and slapped her in the face. It was so hard that Harper fell onto the ground.

"Are you insane? How dare you!" Mavis trembled with rage. She raised her walking stick and hit Sue. Sue didn't expect that Mavis would go to this extent in order to protect Harper.

"Mother, Harper is a vicious girl! She is jealous of Yvonne and Felicia marrying His Highness. Hence she poisoned them. How could you still protect her? She dared to poison her sisters today, and I am sure she won't think twice before poisoning you in the future!" Sue had spoken very cleverly. If Mavis hadn't known that it was impossible for Harper to poison anyone, she might have believed her!

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