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   Chapter 41 Made An Alliance

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The next morning, Harper went to the Peony House to visit Mavis.

It was normal for Mavis to see Harper at such an early hour, so she wasn't surprised at all. "Harper, you've been coming here earlier and earlier recently."

"Am I bothering you, Grandma?" Harper asked as she helped Mavis clean up.

"No. I mean you could be getting more sleep. You don't have to come here so early just for greetings." It was true that Mavis loved her from the bottom of her heart and she patted Harper's head. If Harper didn't deceive her, Mavis would never thought of sending her to the Imperial Palace.

"It's my pleasure to serve you, Grandma." There wasn't any sign of impatience on Harper's face as she skillfully and carefully helped Mavis freshen up and served her at the dining table.

"You're such a filial girl," Mavis said and sighed. "Have a seat. Let's eat together."

"Yes, Grandma." They then sat next to each other. Harper served Mavis at the dining table and she enjoyed the meal very much.

As they finished their meal, Harper brought a cup of tea for Mavis to rinse her mouth. "Grandma, Yvonne and Felicia are getting married. Mother asked me to give them gifts, but I don't know what I should give them. Do you have any idea?"

A flash went through Mavis' eyes when she heard Harper. "Did Sue ask you to prepare gifts?"

"Yvonne and Felicia are going to get married. I'm the elder sister and I'm supposed to give them gifts. But over the years, I don't have much savings and I've been squandering the money. It's lucky that Grandma took care of my late mother's dowry. Otherwise, I would have squandered it. Now Yvonne and Felicia will be married to His Highness. I don't have anything good and I don't know what I should give them, so please give me a suggestion."

The confusion on Harper's face worried Mavis about her innocence, but she stopped Annie from reminding her.

"What do you want to give them, Harper?" Mavis asked with a smile.

"I'm not good at anything. I only know a bit about medicine. Yvonne's pregnant so I can do my best and help her with my medical skills. But for Felicia..." Harper sighed. "I can't ignore Felicia and favor Yvonne. They're both my sisters, so I have to be fair."

The answer satisfied Mavis. "Yes, you're all sisters. You don't have to do it yourself. I'll help you prepare the gifts."

"No way!" Harper refused with a shake of her head. "Mother asked me to prepare the gifts myself to show my sincerity. If she knew Grandma prepared the gifts for me, she'd be unhappy."

It nagged at Annie to see Harper look like she was in a dilemma. 'Lady Harper, you're too innocent. The reason why Lady Sue asked you to prepare the gifts is that she must have some other ulterior motives, ' she thought.

"You don't have much money. If the presents you prepared are too cheap, Sue would be unhappy. But you won't be able to afford expensive gifts." Mavis took her hand. "How about

celain bottle and placed it on the table. "Here's medicine to protect the baby in Yvonne's womb from poison. You heard it yesterday, Mother asked me to prepare a wedding gift for Yvonne."

Carrie snapped to look at Harper and caught hold of Yvonne's hand in surprise. "Harper, this..."

"If I guessed correctly, Mother wanted to use me to harm Yvonne." Harper poured herself a glass of water. "Tomorrow, my gifts for Yvonne and Felicia will be delivered to Mother. Before she gives the gift to you, you should take this medicine first. Then you can feel free to touch the gift." There was only indifference in Harper's eyes when she added, "Be careful with the people around you."

A twinkle flashed in Carrie's eyes and she looked at Vera, who was pretending to sweep the floor not far from the door. "Don't worry, Harper. I'll watch over everything. Will our plan hurt the baby in Yvonne's belly?"

"Lady Carrie, don't worry. Since I dare to ask you to do this, I'm one hundred percent certain. If you don't want to work with me, you'll suffer a lot at that time," Harper said slowly. "We both clearly know that both Mother and Felicia are jealous of Yvonne's child."

"As long as you can help me keep my child, I'll do whatever you tell me to!" Yvonne said. This unborn baby was her most precious gift, her ticket to a life of luxury in Prince Kevin's mansion, so she couldn't live without it!

Even with all the benefits Harper offered, it still wasn't enough for Carrie to turn against Sue. So Harper offered, "Mother has controlled the Chu Clan for many years. Lady Carrie, have you ever thought of managing the clan?"

Carrie's eyes lit up and she turned to look at Harper. "What do you mean, Harper?"

"Just do as I say. I promise that Yvonne will safely marry His Highness and that you'll share the power with Mother. What do you think?"

Carrie and Yvonne looked at each other and nodded their heads at the same time. "We'll do it!"

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