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   Chapter 40 An Evil Plan (Part Two)

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Speaking of the poisoning incident, Felicia turned furious and hated Harper to the bones. For her, the most important thing for a woman was her appearance, but Harper had poisoned her, intending to ruin her beautiful face! If it hadn't been for her elder sister's superb medical skills, she would have been disfigured.

"Mother, Grandma has always been protective of her. If Harper were found to have poisoned the child of His Highness, Grandma would still protect her!" Felicia gnashed her teeth in hatred at the mere thought of how Mavis previously protected Harper. "How ignorant the old woman is! She dared to protect Harper, who is a jinx!"

"Shut up!" Sue cut her off as she got a little worried. She hastily looked outside and heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing no one was around. "From now on, never say such words again. Your father is filial. Hearing you talk like this, he will surely beat you to death!"

"Ok. I will never say that again, Mother," she answered almost immediately. Then in her earnest, she clutched Sue's arm and acted coquettishly. "Mother, tell me, how can I make both of them suffer?"

Sue merely patted her hand and smiled viciously, "You will know when the time comes!"

That night, Sue had prepared a family feast to celebrate the upcoming marriage of the two ladies. She invited all the family members to the banquet. It was Harper's first time to see so many people in the mansion. What surprised her more was that even Joey, Charles' concubine who seldom went out of her room, attended the banquet with her daughter Alexandra.

"Harper!" Alexandra got excited when she saw Harper, breaking free from Joey's grasp and running to her.

Harper's face immediately lit up as she squatted down and held her. "You're getting taller. Have y

Your two sisters are about to get married. Have you prepared some gifts for them?" she asked.

Harper, at that precise moment, was taking small bites of her food. She was casually listening to Sue's words, but she perceived that Sue had some evil plans. She even made a mental guess that Sue wanted to kill the baby in Yvonne's belly and also get rid of her at the same time.

Harper swallowed the food in her mouth and put down the chopsticks. As she wiped the corner of her lips, she mumbled slowly, "As the elder sister, I must prepare some gifts for them, but..."

"But what?" Sue interjected, she was confused.

"They will get married to His Highness. I'm worried that my gifts will not be good enough to satisfy them," answered Harper in a polite tone.

Sue was quite satisfied with Harper's words. "Whatever they are, as long as they are prepared by you, I firmly believe that both Felicia and Yvonne will like them very much."

"Then I can rest assured." With Harper's reaction, a vicious expression flashed in Sue's eyes. 'Whatever you give them, they will be all deadly poison, so it doesn't make any difference what you prepare!' she thought to herself wickedly.

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