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   Chapter 39 An Evil Plan (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6190

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The Prince Kevin's mansion was extremely efficient in dealing with the wedding-related matters. They soon decided on the day of the wedding and sent a servant to inform the Chu Clan that the wedding was to be held on June 18th since it was a lucky day. Besides, the betrothal presents of two brides were delivered to the Chu Clan mansion as quickly as possible.

Since the heir of Prince Kevin would marry two daughters of the Chu Clan at the same time, Prince Kevin and his wife were very generous. Felicia's betrothal presents were in accordance with the standards, and the betrothal presents of Yvonne were also very abundant. Probably because she was pregnant with the son of Hansen, Kate, Kevin's wife, had attached special importance to her.

Felicia's face was distorted with anger at the sight of the betrothal presents of Yvonne. "She's just a concubine's daughter and will only be a concubine. Why did they give her so many betrothal presents? It's not fair!" she roared.

And like Felicia, Sue was very irritated too. She thought that people at the Prince Kevin's mansion were so unreasonable, for they even gave a bride price to Yvonne as much as that of Felicia. But Sue carefully concealed her apparent anger. "My dear daughter," Sue began as she held her daughter's hand, coaxing her, "you will be His Highness's wife, which means that you will take charge of the whole mansion in the future. And all other concubines will have to obey your orders. You don't have to be angry with such a low-status concubine. It's bad for your health."

"Mother, that bitch has His Highness's child in her belly. We haven't got married yet, but they seem to show more favor towards that bitch. I am afraid that she will win the heart of all the people in the mansion, and eventually, she will be on top of me!" Felicia bristled up in anger. She also

as kept by Mavis. Therefore, Harper had nothing valuable to send to her two sisters.

"You like her gift, and so does Yvonne!" A wicked smile slowly appeared on Sue's face. People at the Prince Kevin's mansion attached great importance to the child in Yvonne's belly, so Sue decided to get rid of this baby. But the whole evil plan of poisoning the baby must have nothing to do with Sue or Felicia. With this, Sue decided to let Harper take the blame for the baby's death. Anyway, it was not her first time to be made a scapegoat, and she should get used to it.

"Mother, I don't understand what you are talking about!" Sue couldn't accept that her daughter was slow in comprehending her line of thinking. How could Felicia be so stupid and ignorant? She had never worried about her elder daughter. But her younger daughter, who had been spoiled by her, hadn't learned any scheming skills from her!

"If she doesn't give a gift to Yvonne, how can we frame her for killing His Highness's child?" Sue explained to her patiently. "We can get rid of Harper alongside with the baby. Last time, if the Mavis hadn't come back sooner than expected, Harper would have been beaten to death and wouldn't have had the chance to poison you."

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