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   Chapter 38 Seeking Help

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Kate and Hansen had left in the middle of the ceremony, which confused many ladies present there, but no one dared to find out the reason. After all, noble families always had nasty secrets that were swept under the rug.

"How dare you!" Sue stepped toward Harper as soon as Kate left, intending to slap her.

Harper stepped back and dodged Sue's attempt. "Calm down, Mother. It's better if we keep what happened just now a secret. Otherwise, it will affect Hailey's reputation," she said with a complacent smile.

Sue was furious, but what Harper had said was true. It was a stain on the reputation of the Chu Clan. If Hailey ever wanted to be the wife of the crown prince, she had to be flawless.

"Bitch, I'll kill you!" Felicia leapt up growling in anger, but Yvonne was quicker. She ran quickly and hid behind Harper. Blinded by her fury, Felicia went feral as her sharp nails clawed at Harper's face.

Harper kicked Felicia hard enough for her to fall clumsily on the floor. Yvonne mustered her strength to suppress her laughter at the sight of Felicia's posture.

"Harper, you bitch! How dare you kick me! Mother, order the servants to beat her to death!" Sue stopped Felicia and stared at Harper thoughtfully. Harper had maintained a remarkable degree of composure recently and that had made Sue uneasy. Sue realized that she had underestimated Harper over the years.

"Don't create a scene here." Harper pulled her handkerchief and wiped her mouth. "Yvonne, what are you waiting for? Haven't you heard what Lady Kate said? She has decided to allow you and Felicia to enter Prince Kevin's mansion on the same day. Why don't you go back and have a talk with Lady Carrie?"

"Sure. Thank you, Harper. I'm leaving now, Mother." Yvonne hurried out of the hall and scampered towards the backyard. She hadn't expected that Harper would help her by forcing Kate to accept her as Hansen's concubine. Carrie was right; Harper was a hard nut to crack.

"What on earth do you want?" Sue's red eyes, blazing with anger, settled on Harper.

"Mother, there are still many guests waiting outside. I think you should get Felicia cleaned up. Only then will she be able to see the guests. Lady Kate has stormed out with her son; everyone will start thinking that there is something wrong with Felicia. She has to keep up her good appearance in order to maintain our clan's reputation," Harper smiled. "Grandma is waiting for me. You will have to excuse me, Mother."

Harper turned around and walked away. Felicia's face was contorted with rage. Sue clenched her fists tighter as her nails sank deeper into her palms. "Go clean yourself up and meet the guests. You are going to be His Highness's wife and Yvonne will be nothing more than a concubine. She can gloat all she wants now, but after the wedding, her life is in your hands," Sue grunted through her gritted teeth.

No matter what Felicia had dreamed of, she was left with no choice but to accept Kate's decision. But she could never forgive Harper. If Harper hadn't intruded in the matter, there was not the slightest possibility of Hansen taking Yvonne as a concubine.

"It's all because of Harper. If it weren't for her—"

Sue interrupted, "Don't worry. Her smugness will not last long." A vindictive look flashed across Sue's face

looked white as if she had seen a ghost. She then turned towards Carrie. "Lady Carrie, helping you means standing against Mother. What do I get by making her mad at me?"

"As long as you can help Yvonne keep the child, we will do everything we can to support you in the future." Carrie didn't want any harm to be inflicted upon Yvonne's baby.

Harper smiled. "You have to prove your sincerity, Lady Carrie. Otherwise I wouldn't know if you are making a fool out of me."

"Enya and Elsie are secretly working for Lady Sue," Carrie whispered through gritted teeth. Harper had sent away many maids of hers, except for Enya and Elsie. Unfortunately, they were the real traitors.

"I have known this for a long time," Harper said flatly. "I've kept them because they are still of use to me. But I have seen your sincerity. Just pay attention to your diet and health."

"Thank you, Harper."

Harper turned around and left. Yvonne's face was still pale. She grabbed Carrie's hand and trembled. Carrie patted Yvonne's hand. "Don't worry. As long as Harper is there to help us, your child will be safe. She is the best physician in this mansion, not Hailey."

"Harper," a voice called out.

Harper squinted her eyes and looked at the woman standing in front of her. "Lady Serena," she greeted in return.

Serena looked at Harper and a playful smile graced her lips. "It is amazing to see how calm you are, Harper. How could you maintain your composure when your sister has robbed your fiance?"

"I'm flattered," Harper answered calmly. "What's mine cannot be taken away from me, and it's pointless to cling on to something that's not mine."

"You sound like a philosopher." Serena chuckled. "You are just like your mother."

Harper knitted her brows in confusion. Her mother had died soon after she was born. Serena had never seen her mother; how would she know about her?

"Charles has always said that your mother hated to compete with others. And you are exactly like her. But even though you mind your own business and don't compete with others, people might think otherwise. Am I right, Harper?" Serena leaned over and whispered in Harper's in a voice that was as cold as ice.

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