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   Chapter 37 I Am Pregnant (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6576

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"Grandma asked me to bring you something." Harper held out a small exquisite jewelry box in her hand. "Grandma said that she was supposed to give Felicia a present for her Hair-pinning Ceremony. Moreover, her wedding ceremony with His Highness will be on the agenda after the ceremony."

Sue's face took on a ghastly expression after she heard Harper's words. "I got it. I'll thank Mother later. You can leave now."

"Harper, please help me!" Yvonne pulled the hem of Harper's dress. "Harper, I'm pregnant, and it is His Highness's child, but..."

Harper looked at Kate and Hansen, bowed to them respectfully and said, "I am sorry; I didn't realize that Your Highnesses are present. Please forgive my rudeness."

A hint of shrewdness flashed in Kate's eyes. 'I thought that Harper was a pretty woman but extremely domineering and jealous. That was why I didn't stop Hansen when he wanted to change his bride. But I guess I was wrong, ' she thought.

"Harper, you don't have to be this courteous and formal," Kate held Harper's hand and said. "Harper, long time no see. You look much thinner."

Harper smiled in return. "Your Highness, thank you for your concern. But if my sister Yvonne is telling the truth, please give us a solution," she said respectfully.

"Harper, are you not angry?" Kate asked in surprise

"Your Highness, how could I not be angry? After all, it's about the reputation of our clan." Harper helped Yvonne sit down on a chair and checked her pulse to diagnose her pregnancy. After a couple of seconds, she finally said, "It's been more than a month since you got pregnant. You've got to be extremely careful during the first three months."

"Harper, thank you so much," Yvonne said gratefully.

"Harper, please allow me to explain. She and I..." Hansen started with hesitation. Panic surged through his veins when he saw Harper's cold, merciless face. "Our relationship is not what you think."

Harper scoffed, "Your Highness,

s wedding date is fixed, both you and your sister will get into our mansion together. If you have a son in the future, we'll register him as the son of Felicia, so that others don't speak ill of you."

"Thank you very much, Your Highness." Yvonne's face was bubbling with happiness. Her eyes prickled with tears of joy, but Felicia's face had gone pale. She hadn't expected that her special day would turn into a disaster. Yvonne was the daughter of a concubine, but they were going to get married to the same man, on the same day. She couldn't tolerate it. Anger, disappointment and hatred settled on the pit of her stomach. What annoyed her most was that Yvonne's son would be registered as hers. Being the legal wife of Hansen, why the hell did she have to raise the son of this bitch?

"Your Highness, thank you. That's a wise decision!" Harper flattered Kate without any hesitation.

Kate cast a meaningful look at Harper. If her son hadn't called off his engagement to Harper, she would have been the perfect daughter-in-law. But she couldn't force Hansen as he didn't like her. "It's settled then. We will send someone to inform you about the ideal date for the wedding ceremony. Hansen and I will leave now," Kate said.

"Your Highnesses, take care. Let me see you out," Sue said respectfully.

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