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   Chapter 36 I Am Pregnant (Part One)

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After days of attentive care and nursing, Felicia returned to her normal state before the Hair-pinning Ceremony. It was her coming-of-age ceremony and her face was flawless, without any trace of a scar. If it weren't for the Skin-smoothing Cream from Hailey, there would still be many scars on Felicia's face, even after she was completely detoxified.

According to the rituals, Felicia's Hair-pinning Ceremony wasn't allowed to be fancier than Harper's ceremony, as Harper was the daughter of Charles' first wife. But since Felicia had engaged to Hansen and Sue was in charge of all the affairs of the Chu Clan mansion, her ceremony was a grand endeavor. Many ladies had come to congratulate her.

"My Lady, aren't you going to attend the ceremony today?" Anabel asked while fanning Harper. It was already hot in June.

Harper was devouring the iced watermelon. She flipped the history book wearily and said, "Why should I go there? Felicia is the linchpin today. If I attend the ceremony and steal her thunder, I will be in trouble again."

"But are you not afraid that Lady Sue might torment you since you are here having your illness as an excuse?" Anabel knitted her eyebrows in worry. Everyone was aware that Sue despised Harper. Although she promised that she wouldn't mess with Harper, it had only been for the sake of Mavis. She had done a lot of nasty things to get Harper into trouble.

"No, she won't. Today is a big day for her precious daughter. She wouldn't want me to go out. My illness was what she had wished for. Moreover, I have sent a gift for my sister's coming-of-age ceremony. So no one can say anything bad about me," Harper said. "The iced watermelon tastes good. Get some for Enya and Elsie as well." The soft and gentle voice of Harper sounded as sweet as honey. Anabel nodded and took out a plate of watermelon.

There was a shady glint in Harper's eyes as her mind raced with thoughts. 'Felicia's wedding with Hansen will be discussed soon after her coming-of-age ceremony. Yvonne, you do

new her son well. The mere look on his face was enough for her to believe Yvonne's words.

"Bitch!" Felicia couldn't contain her anger as she rushed towards Yvonne and slapped her in the face. "Bitch, how you dare you seduce His Highness! I'll beat you to death!" She was shaking with fury and had meant every single word.

"Felicia!" Sue rushed to stop Felicia. It was normal for a man to have several concubines; Hansen was no exception, especially when he belonged to a noble clan. In the future, he would have more women around him. If Felicia couldn't bear the fact that Yvonne was Hansen's woman, she would have a hard time in the future.

Kate frowned. She was unhappy with Felicia's reaction. Virtue was the most important trait that she expected from her daughter-in-law. If she was jealous of her own sister, she would undoubtedly be more vicious to other women.

"Your Highnesses, please forgive Felicia. Everything happened so quickly and she's having a hard time to process it," Sue explained as she smiled at them. Her heart was hurting after she found the truth, but she had to pretend that she was generous.

"What happened?" Harper asked as she walked in gracefully, looking majestic and charming.

When Sue saw Harper come in, she felt that things were going to take a wrong turn. "Harper, why are you here?" she asked.

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