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   Chapter 35 Please Pay The Medical Fee

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Denny had the medical bath prepared soon. When the guards carried the bath barrel in, they caught sight of Harper quickly pulling out the needles from Matthew's body. His face turned from dark to ashy from the great amount of blood loss.

"Put him in." Wiping the sweat off her forehead, Harper pulled out a porcelain bottle from the pocket of her waist and rattled out three red pills. Without another word, she tilted Matthew's chin up and made him swallow them all.

There was a smell of blood from the pills that made Denny wrinkle his nose. "What are those?"

"Blood-generating Pills," Harper explained, discontented by the fact that she had to use them already. "His Highness already lost too much blood. It's too slow to make up for the lost blood by taking nourishing food, and this would be a quicker way. Alas! He has eaten as much as three pills at a time."

Looking at the pained look of Harper, Denny couldn't help but choke back a laughter. If any other woman was placed in her position, she'd surely do everything in her power to save Matthew. Harper, however, cared about her pills more than Matthew. Denny shook his head incredulously.

"Can I have one?" Denny asked cautiously. He could tell from the expression on Harper's face that the pills were very rare and hard to come by. Were these pills really that effective? He was curious.

Unexpectedly, Harper gave him a pill without hesitation. "It's used as a last resort in dealing with excessive amount of blood loss. I used a lot of herbs to make only ten of them." She shot Matthew a look. "His Highness just wasted three."

'Wasted?' Denny hid a smile, and couldn't help but admire the woman in front of him. Only she would think feeding these pills to Matthew would be a waste. If it were any other physician, it would've been their honor to serve the prince.

"What herbs do you need? You can ask His Highness to compensate for your loss once he wakes up," he suggested.

"Of course His Highness will. If I wasn't planning for this, I would've already left," Harper scoffed, looking at Matthew as if she was looking at a treasure chest. She obviously needed money to run her store. Money was hard to come by, so she wasn't going to throw this opportunity out of the window.

When Matthew finally woke up, the first thing he saw was a pair of shiny eyes. The surprise and delight that shone from them really confused him. Was she really that happy to see him wake up?

"Your Highness, you're awake!" Harper sighed in relief.

Matthew blinked, not at all used to her bubbly attitude. He simply replied with a nod of his head and kept silent.

"Your Highness, please don't tell your guard to bring me here like that again. The way he carried me on his shoulder made me throw up," Harper complained pouting her lips.

"Okay," Matthew agreed easily.

Another smile spread over Harper's face. Without another prompt, she quickly handed over a piece of paper. "This is the bill for the treatment I've given you, Your Highness."

Denny almost fell off his chair. The woman actually dared to ask Matthew for the medical fee. 'Do you even know who he is? How dare you demand payments from him!' he thought to himself.

Matthew, however, didn't look at all fazed from her reque


Matthew didn't answer. He only had two years left and needed to speed things up. Despite his current situation, the emperor still feared him and wanted to make things difficult for him. Matthew decided to show his power to hold the emperor in awe.

"I heard that Lady Chloe is pregnant?" Matthew changed the topic. Chloe was from the Shen Clan, but was just the daughter of a concubine.

"Yes, Lady Chloe is pregnant. We have arranged Hailey Chu to take care of Lady Chloe just as you ordered. Hailey has just returned to the Chu Clan mansion, so she must be having a discussion with Charles on what to do next," Barry reported.

"Something happened in the Chu Clan mansion?" Matthew questioned. Harper was not an easy person to deal with. Her family members were not far off. If all of them were together under one roof, something must've gone wrong in the Chu Clan.

"Harper poisoned Felicia and the latter was disfigured. Sue couldn't find the antidote for her, so she asked Hailey for help." Barry updated him of the latest happenings inside the Chu Clan mansion.

"Harper poisoned her sister?"

"Well, it was Sue who wanted to poison Harper. When she found out, she extracted the poison and placed it on Felicia." Though Barry respected Harper, he'd do everything to keep his distance. She was different from many noble ladies he had met. While others would die for their family, Harper would rather kill her family just to keep herself from dying.

"It gave Hailey an excuse to come back home. Harper must've figured out how powerful her enemies are. Hansen is just one of them. She's surely not a person who's willing to be placed at the mercy of others. What is Harper up to lately?" Matthew asked indifferently.

"She recently bought a store in the north of the city. Other than that, she's been staying at home. I don't really know what else she's been up to."

"Bought a store?" Matthew furrowed his eyebrows. What was Harper up to? Was she planning to start a business? Was it a place for her to continue her autopsies? Was it a clinic? There were so many questions running on Matthew's mind, and they were things he intended to find out.

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