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   Chapter 34 Harper Was Kidnaped (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5837

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After everything that happened, Yvonne felt more determined to marry Hansen as a concubine. Whether Hansen agreed or not, she would find a way to marry into Prince Kevin's mansion. After she achieved that goal, she would slap Felicia right in the face, just like what Felicia did to her.

Felicia kept on scolding and beating Yvonne until she was satisfied. It seemed all her frustrations melted away at the beating she doled out. What a great stress-reliever! Yvonne's whimpers made Felicia feel good. From then on, she would find trouble for Yvonne so she could beat her again and again. Although Carrie, Yvonne's biological mother, had mentioned and complained about this to Sue many times, Sue just ignored her. With no choice, Carrie had to ask her daughter to stay inside the house and avoid Felicia at all costs.

Harper knew everything that happened in the Chu Clan mansion. But she chose to stay in her own house and did not leave. Fortunately, her decision drove her away from Sue's warpath on her so she was safe from her plans.

Night fell. Someone broke into Harper's room when she was about to sleep. Before she could realize what was happening, the person had already hit one of her acupuncture points. As she fell limp and unconscious, her captor carried her on his shoulder before leaving.

Being upside down on her captor's shoulder, Harper feel so sick in her stomach that she threw up. But the man didn't care and continued walking towards Matthew's mansion.

When the man put Harper down, she was still throwing up. Everyone looked at Barry before they took a step back. Barry carefully put her down before he disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye.

Harper continued throwing up for a long time before s

hat kind of horrible punishments Harper was going to face after Matthew woke up. What Matthew hated the most was being touched by others. But now Harper almost fumbled all over his body! He could only imagine how Matthew would cut off her hands for her inappropriate behavior.

After Harper took off all Matthew's clothes, she wrote a prescription and gave it to Denny. "Denny, please get the medicated bath ready. I'll cure him with acupuncture first."

Actually, Denny did not want to leave this room at all. He wanted to see how magical Harper's needles were. But she seemed to have seen through him. "Are you interested in my acupuncture? Maybe we can make an appointment and talk about it some other day. We can compete and see who is better at needles."

"Really?" Hope flashed through Denny's eyes.

"Sure. Just don't cry when you lose," Harper chuckled.

"Don't worry about me. I'm afraid you're the one who will cry!" Denny laughed. Then, he went to prepare the medicated bath with a spring on his steps. There were plenty of medicines inside the building. It even stored some rare medicines which could not be bought by money from the market.

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