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   Chapter 33 Harper Was Kidnaped (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6883

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Although Hailey came back, she only stayed home for three days and then went back to work. After all, she was the only female imperial physician in the Imperial Academy of Medicine. Many ladies would ask for her help when they suffered from pain. That was an advantage of being a female physician. Therefore, Hailey was very busy dealing with her work all the time. Harper also kept herself busy. She had been researching about things she could sell. She locked herself inside the room and saw nobody these days. Even Nina and Anabel had no idea what she was doing exactly.

Enya had always been curious. She had tried to break in to see what was going on several times, but she was stopped by Nina every time. They were of the same ranking as maids but only Nina had the maturity to stop Enya from being too nosy. Nina knew that Harper would not want any of them to know what she was concentrating on.

On the other hand, the grievous sores on Felicia's face were finally healed after Hailey treated her face. But there were still marks remaining on her face. Felicia would have to wear a veil when she went out from now on.

"My Lady, Lady Yvonne is here," Anabel told Harper after entering the room.

Harper paused on her research and stretched her tired arms. "Please let her in."

"Greetings, Harper," said Yvonne.

"Don't be so formal, Yvonne. We are sisters, after all. Take a seat," Harper replied. Yvonne looked a bit restless, but Harper understood what she was worried about. So in the meantime, she kept her silence and wouldn't bring it up if that would make Yvonne uncomfortable.

Yvonne must have sensed Harper's sympathy. Touched and overwhelmed with emotions, Yvonne fell on her knees. "Harper, my dear sister, please help me!"

"Yvonne, what are you doing? Stand up quickly. People will think I'm being mean to you when you do that," Harper exclaimed and helped Yvonne stand up. "We are sisters. If there is any trouble you are trapped in, just tell me. I will help you if I can."

Upon hearing that, Yvonne bit her lower lip

Yvonne was well aware that her beautiful face was her only advantage considering that she was only the daughter of a humble concubine. If her face was disfigured, then there would be no hope for her.

"I'm sorry, Felicia. It's all my fault. Please calm down," Yvonne begged weakly.

"I'm not your sister! You're just the daughter of a concubine. You don't deserve to be called my sister at all. I'm going to marry the heir of a prince in the future. And you? You are too dull, simple and low to be considered my sister!" Felicia finished in a haughty tone.

"Yes, you are right, Lady Felicia," Yvonne responded politely. She even changed how she addressed Felicia. Lowering her head, Yvonne tried her best to prevent herself from pissing Felicia off even more. Coupled with a bad temper, Felicia had always been aggressive and arrogant. Everyone in the manor knew how to steer clear of her. Only Harper, who was more aggressive, dared to fight back against Felicia. These days, Harper restrained herself from being too domineering. A controlled Harper was like a volcano waiting to erupt, unpredictable. Felicia, on the other hand, remained as vicious and stupid as before. Yvonne had felt a little guilty for seducing Hansen. But after what Felicia said and did to her, her remorse shrunk. She could only feel pride at duping this stupid, holier-than-thou Felicia.

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