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   Chapter 32 The Undercurrent (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5591

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"Congratulations!" Harper clapped. But she thought that Hailey was such a fool. Katrina had always been favored by the emperor even if she was without a child. As it was, Hailey had always been the one who mainly tended to her. Now that Chloe requested a sudden change of physicians, she was up to something. Hailey was a fool to not have realized this.

"Lady Chloe is pregnant. You must be careful," Charles warned. He had been in politics to know that something was up. "If you do have any problems, go ask Lady Katrina for help."

"I know, Father."

"Or you could find another imperial physician to take care of Lady Chloe with you. This way, you'll be more relieved by exhausting duties," Charles suggested. People in the Imperial Palace had been known to resort to ruthless means in murdering their enemies. Getting rid of an unborn baby would be a piece of cake. If Hailey walked into their traps, the Chu Clan would suffer great losses. It would be even harder for Katrina to stay in the palace alone.

"Lady Katrina's afraid of problems coming with Lady Chloe's pregnancy, so she dares not send any other physician to Lady Chloe. After all, Lady Chloe specifically requested me to take care of her. But I am afraid of what other people would do to Lady Chloe." Hailey lowered her voice to a whisper. The emperor had always been greatly attached to the child ever since Chloe announced her pregnancy. If Chloe gave birth to the child, she'd be promoted to a higher position. If there was a mistake in the process of her pregnancy, it would be by the hands of the other concubines.

"Be careful."

"Yes, Father."

Harper ate her food, pretending as if sh

k Flag Army is very powerful?" Harper prodded. "His Highness is disabled, so who's the new leader of the Black Flag Army?"

"A general named Lewis Huai. He has been working for His Highness in the army." The emperor was worried about the Black Flag Army the most. Lewis Huai was an orphan with nothing to lose, so the emperor had nothing to hold against him. When Matthew was disabled and Lewis Huai took over his position, the emperor was so angry that he smashed many valuable treasures in the Imperial Study!

With a smile, Harper took a sip from her cup. "His Majesty must be worried about His Highness's marriage. Since His Highness has bad karma, no one would be willing to give their daughter away."

"Yes, His Majesty is indeed worried about His Highness's marriage." A sly look flashed in Charles' eyes. It was common that heroes were always attached to beauties. If Matthew were to get married with a woman he loved, he'd be distracted. As long as Matthew had a weakness, he'd no longer be invincible. But so far, Matthew's every fiancee had died not long after their engagement had been announced.

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