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   Chapter 30 Hailey Is Back

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Harper and Sue went out. Hearing Ruby's scream, Sue clenched her hands. "Harper, I think I've underestimated you."

"Mother, I don't understand what you said," Harper asked with innocence in her tone.

Harper's pretentious act made Sue's eyes darken, so she wrapped her hand around her throat. Harper had been violent and dominant but easy to deal with sometimes. But now, just like a vicious snake, she seemed to be obedient but could attack without getting caught.

"I heard that your grandmother and father wanted to send you to the Imperial Palace," Sue said coldly.

"I will follow their order." There was no emotion visible in Harper's eyes. As long as Sue wouldn't let her go to the Imperial Palace, what she thought didn't matter.

Sue raised her hand and caressed Harper's face. "You're more prettier than before. I'm sure His Majesty will fall in love with you at first sight."

"I'm flattered. There are more beautiful women in the Imperial Palace." A chuckle went out of her mouth. She was so kind and polite to the point Sue couldn't find any flaws on her.

Mavis spoiled Harper so much that she became arrogant, but that wouldn't last long once Mavis was gone.

"Since your sister will be back later, let's have lunch together."

"Yes, Mother," Harper nodded. "Mother, I want to visit Felicia."

"No need to do that. She actually doesn't want to see you because of the rashes on her skin. Just visit her after she recovers." A hint of hatred went on Sue's face. Harper had been arrogant but careless. It was not until this moment that Sue knew she had been deceived by Harper's appearance and made up her mind to turn the tables.

After Sue left, Harper picked a gardenia. "It's blooming and smells great, too."

"My Lady, do you want to take some and put them in the room?" Nina asked.

Harper shook her head. "No matter how beautiful the flowers are, they will wither soon without branches."

"Har... Harper." Feeling that someone yanked her sleeve, Harper lowered her head and saw a girl looking up at her.

She squatted down in front of the girl and asked, "Alexandra, why are you here alone? Where's your mother?"

Alexandra Chu tugged at the corner of her clothes and said, "I can't find my mother."

In Harper's memory, Joey cared about Alexandra Chu very much. She never allowed her to go out or contact others. She just took her child with her and lived a peaceful life in the Violet House.

"Then let me send you back." Harper looked at Alexandra's crumpled clothes and frowned. "Nina, go back and bring my new brocade and the ginseng given by Grandma several days ago. Give them to Lady Joey."

"Yes, My Lady." Harper took the girl's hand and went towards the Violet House. Joey only had a daughter. She didn't compete for Charles' love, nor did she show up in front of Sue. The servants in the mansion were all toadies and didn't care about them, so Joey and her daughter must have a hard time.

When Harper appeared in the Violet House together with Alexandra, Joey was looking for her daughter in a panic. As soon as she saw them, she took Alexandra away from Harper's hand and put her behind. "Greetings, Harper."

"Lady Joey, why didn't you invite me to have tea?" Harper asked with a smile.

Joey was in a quandary when she noticed that Harper didn't leave. She knew well that Harper was haughty, and if she didn't say yes to Harper's request, she'd be in deep trouble. With no choice, she had to let Harper in.

The maid came with a cup of water. Harper looked at it and was surprised. "How could Mother treat you so ungenerously?"

"It's not Lady Sue's fault. It's just that I don't like tea so I ask her not to send it here," Joey said in a cautious manner, holding Alexandra tightly as if she was afraid that other people would take her away.

"How old are you, Alexandra?"

"I'm six years old." Joey trembled again and put Alexandra's head into her arms, trying to stop Alexandra from talking.

Aware that Joey was uneasy, Harper smiled and said, "This brocade is for Alexandra. She needs some new clothes. It doesn't matter if you don't have nutritious food. But Alexandra is still young and should eat more. Grandma sent this ginseng to me. I don't need it. Take it and cook it for Alexandra."

"Thank you, Harper."

"You are welcome. After all, we are family." Harper rose up. "I've been out for a long while, and Hailey is almost home. I should go back now. I know that you care for Alexandra so much and doesn't want her to go out, but she will grow up soon. Once Hailey and Felicia are married, Mother will have time to take care o

f you and Alexandra."

Joey grimaced and her face became pale as she clearly knew what Harper meant. She paused and turned to the maid. "Send Harper back."

"Don't bother." Harper patted Alexandra's head and went on. "Even if you don't plan for yourself, you need to plan for Alexandra."

"Okay, thanks."

After they walked out, Nina asked, "My Lady, why doesn't Lady Joey let Lady Alexandra get outside?"

"It's none of our concern. People in the mansion have their own plans," Harper said. Though Serena had been in a brothel, she enjoyed the love of Charles. Carrie relied on Sue's power in the household and was in a good relation with Sue. As for Joey, it was not easy to raise a daughter, and what she did now was to protect her daughter and herself. Individuals in the house had their own plans.

"My Lady, will Lady Hailey be hard on you after she comes back?" This was what Nina feared the most. Every time Hailey and Harper stayed together, Harper would be in trouble and Charles would punish her.

"Pardon me?" Harper derided. "I'm just afraid she won't make things tough for me. She is a concubine's daughter. If she wishes to experience prestige, she must get rid of that title. My mother is the only lawful wife of my father. Hailey will need to beg me."

"My Lady..."

"So what? Once a concubine, always a concubine. Sue and Hailey will do everything to obtain their goal." Harper grinned and squeezed Nina's nose. "So, it will be better to be a poor man's wife rather than a rich man's concubine. No matter how deeply a man loves his concubine is, she can't be promoted to his legal wife. Even if the wife dies, a concubine can never take her place."

"My Lady, what are you talking about?"

"I mean, if you and Anabel want to be concubines, you two will never be my maids," Harper said.

"I will never marry. I will serve you forever, My Lady."

"Nonsense! I want you to live a happy life with someone, but I won't allow you to be a concubine!" Touching Nina's head, Harper added, "Be a lawful wife of someone. I'll select a good husband for you."

"My Lady, you're making fun of me." Nina blushed. It was normal for them to be concubines, and it was hard for them to be wives. "But My Lady, since you have said so, I will never be a man's concubine."

"Let's go." Harper nodded.

Hailey came back and saw that only her mother's maid was waiting at the door, making her eyebrows furrow. "Lacy, where is my mother?"

"My Lady, Lady Sue is accompanying Lady Felicia because she is in a bad mood and is throwing a tantrum. She asked me to stay here to welcome you."

"Come on, let's go and see Felicia." There was no joy, anger or sorrow on Hailey's beautiful face. She was just like a fairy who was magical.

At the Splendor House, Felicia was still sobbing and the rash on her face was getting worse. She was afraid to see herself in the mirror. If Hansen saw what she was like now, he would want her to disappear and wouldn't marry her.

When Hailey came over, she saw a miserable face. The original delicate face was full of pustules. Felicia had scratched some of the pustules, and pus flowed out. Hailey almost threw up.

Hailey held back her disgust. "How did Felicia's face become like this?"

"Hailey, you are back! Look at your sister's face! It was the bitch Harper, who poisoned your sister and made her look like this. I have no other option but to call you back." Sue was worried about Felicia.

"Hailey, please help me! I don't want to be disfigured! I don't want to have such a face! Please!" Felicia looked even more horrible when she cried.

"Have you asked for antidote from Harper?" Hailey asked. She couldn't stand the horrible face of Felicia any more.

It embarrassed Sue. She bought the poison, and there was no antidote at all. How could Harper take out the antidote? "No antidote."

"No antidote?" Hailey asked in surprise. "Why?"

"I had someone buy the poison. I intended to poison Harper, but I didn't expect her to find it. She then poisoned your sister. Hailey, you must help your sister!" Sue was ashamed by Hailey's stare, so she could only tell the truth.

"I didn't expect that Harper had a brain," Hailey gave a soft smile and said. "Mother, Felicia, don't worry. Since I'm back, I'll develop the antidote. As for Harper, I'll take care of her."

"Hailey, when can I get rid of the poison? I really can't stand it."

"I'll give you a prescription later. Mother, ask someone to buy the medicine. Felicia needs to bathe in it first, and then I will find a way to detoxify."

"All right, all right. It's all up to you."

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