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   Chapter 22 An Exclusive Kitchen (Part Two)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5569

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"I can't believe you have the audacity to deny it. If you didn't do that, then who did it?" Sue wouldn't buy anything that Harper said. Just when this drama was going on, Carrie, one of Charles' concubines, arrived with her daughter Yvonne to visit Mavis. She remained silent and watched the spectacle happening before her. The last thing she wanted was to irritate Sue. She had witnessed how sinister Sue could be, but she enjoyed it since it was against Harper.

"Mother, Felicia didn't do anything wrong to me. Why would I do such an awful thing to her? If anything, it was His Highness who broke off the engagement. It genuinely has nothing to do with Felicia. As a member of the Chu Clan, I too feel honored to see Felicia marry into Prince Kevin's mansion. I wouldn't even think of doing anything that is against our clan!" Tears began to slide down from Harper's eyes. "Aren't you satisfied even after I gave up my marriage? What do you expect of me? Do you wish for me to end my life?"

"Keep your lies to yourself. It is you—"

"Enough!" Mavis pounded the table angrily. "You failed to take good care of Felicia. And now, you are hell-bent on shifting all the blame onto Harper. Sue Wang, I have to tell you, Harper wouldn't marry His Highness, and she had no reason to drug Felicia. If you think it's too tiring to manage the mansion, there are many people who can take charge of it."

With a pale face, Sue quickly knelt down and said, "I dare not, Mother."

"I always thought you were a sensible woman. Charles should have told you to keep your dirty tricks away. If you can't manage the mansion well, then you have to remember that a lot of people in the mansion would be more than happy to replace you!" Mavis was annoyed by Sue. According to her, Harper used to be domineering, but now she had slowly managed to get a good personality. In fact, under Mary's guidance, she had become much more dignified and elegant. If everything went smoothly, she would eventually be the emperor's concubine. But listening to Sue, Mavis worried her plans would fail. 'No, there is no way I will let Sue damage this, ' she thought with strong determination.

"I'm so sorry, Mother." Sue hurriedly admitted her fault. But in her heart, she wouldn't forgive Harper for what she had done. She would make her pay for it, no matter what. However, seeing that Mavis was determined to protect Harper, she gnashed her teeth in hatred.

"Now that you know you are wrong, you should go back and take good care of Felicia. She will come of age in two months. If she is seriously ill, you need to call an imperial physician to check on her. A girl's beauty is of the utmost importance, so don't be silly," Mavis said in a softened tone when she heard Sue's apology. She herself was

worried about Felicia's face, but it wasn't right for Sue to slander others.

"I know, Mother."


"Yes, Grandma," Harper responded, sounding sad. "Please don't blame Mother. She was just worried about Felicia. In this panic, she probably spoke without thinking. Please be kind enough to forgive her."

Hearing this, Sue had an urge to slap Harper. Harper had stabbed her yet she feigned innocence. However, because of Mavis, she had to hide her emotions. On top of that, Charles wanted to send her into the Imperial Palace. Therefore, there was no way for Sue to harm her.

"Did you hear that, Sue? You are almost in your middle age, yet you behave so recklessly. This sensible girl should knock some sense into you!" Mavis said in a reproachful tone. "Now go back to look after Felicia. And also, arrange an exclusive kitchen for Harper. From now on, her diet will be made exclusively from this kitchen."

"Mother, it's inappropriate." Sue was anxious. If Harper had dinner cooked by her exclusive kitchen, it would make it nearly impossible for Sue to add something in her food.

"Enough!" Mavis cast a disdainful glance at Sue. "Harper is the daughter of Charles' legal wife. It's proper for her to have an exclusive kitchen. This matter is settled and I don't wish to have any further conversation about it."

"But Mother, even Hailey—"

"Thank you, Grandma!" Harper interrupted Sue and bowed down her head. It would indeed be very beneficial for her to have a kitchen of her own. Lately, she had detected adulteration in her food. An exclusive kitchen was something she had always wanted to ask for. The fact Mavis mentioned it filled her with happiness. 'Now I won't have to broach this topic to her!' she thought with a sigh of relief.

Mavis smiled at Harper lovingly. Sue had been in charge of the domestic affairs of the mansion, but today her words were being ignored. Mavis was worried that Sue would poison Harper's food. Although Harper knew about medicine, she could be careless sometimes. Having a separate kitchen was the best way to prevent others from meddling with her food.

"With this kitchen, it will be convenient for you to eat whatever you want. And if you have an urge to try something delicious, just tell the cook to cook it for you. Don't ever hesitate from asking anything. After all, you are the daughter of Charles' legal wife. If you don't have enough money, all you have to do is ask," Mavis said this in front of Sue. The hint that she had mistreated Harper left her feeling humiliated. She had come here to complain about Harper, but her plans had backfired.

"Yes, Grandma. I'll keep that in mind."

"Alright, I'm extremely tired. All of you should leave now."

"Goodbye, Mother."

"Goodbye, Grandma."

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