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   Chapter 21 An Exclusive Kitchen (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 5878

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Sue had twisted her hip whereas Felicia's face had been disfigured. Even though they were in pain, they had no choice but to endure it. It was Sue who had asked her maid to buy the poison in order to hurt Harper. If Mavis had any idea about this, she would have burnt Sue alive. Anyway, Sue's plans had backfired. When Sue realized that Harper had harmed Felicia in secrecy, she couldn't help but feel pure hatred for Harper.

"Mother, my face! It hurts!" Felicia cried, unable to let go of her urge to scratch her face. Seeing that she would do it any second, Ruby grabbed her hand to prevent her from touching the wounds. The itching was almost more than Felicia could stand. However, the more she scratched it, the itchier it was bound to get.

"Don't be afraid, Felicia. I've asked someone to look for the antidote. Just bear with it for a while. If you scratch your face, it will only make things worse," Sue said, hoping to comfort Felicia. "I am here. I will protect you and make sure it will be alright."

"Mother, am I disfigured?" Felicia asked in fear. "Look at me. Am I very ugly now? Give me the mirror. I want the mirror."

"Felicia!" Sue snapped at Felicia. "Don't you believe your mother's words? I give you my assurance that you will be fine. I have sent someone to seek the antidote. Even if we can't find it, don't forget that your sister, Hailey, is an imperial physician with superb medical skills. She can definitely cure you!"

"Mother, it is Harper who poisoned me! You should not let that bitch go!" In her heart, Felicia believed it was Harper who had brought her this misery. Even in this miserable state, she could think of nothing but taking revenge. Her already wounded face contorted with rage.

When Sue was listening to this, an intent to kill flashed in her eyes. "You can rest assured! There is no way I am letting her go. I was looking forward to seeing her make a fool of herself today. But instead, she made you the victim! How dare she do this! When you recover, we can torture her together!"

Harper didn't return to her Emerald House. Instead, she went to Mavis's Peony House. She paid her respect to her and gave her a massage. Mavis was the only one that she could rely on in the mansion. In fact, she was the only one who would protect her if anything went wrong. Therefore, she made it a point to pay a lot of attention to Mavis.

"Harper, what about the banquet today?" Seeing that Harper had returned so soon, Mavis thought Sue didn't want to see Harper, afraid that she would steal the show from Felicia.

"Felicia may have mistakenly eaten lotus seeds and broken out in a rash. Mother was worried about her, so she excused herself and left. I sent all the ladies away and went to see Felicia," Harper replied softly. "Felicia has been allergic before. I don't know which maid was careless enough to give her a bowl of lotus seeds soup. Grandma, good you didn't see her.

Felicia's face looked extremely terrifying. If the scars remain, what will she do?"

"Oh God! It is extremely important for a girl to maintain her pretty face. How careless the maid was! Just sell her to the broker," Mavis said instantly. Felicia was going to be the wife of Prince Kevin's heir, Hansen. Although she had stolen him from Harper, she was still a member of the Chu Clan. Harper didn't seem to mind it, and Mavis didn't think there was anything wrong.

"Grandma, in a few months, Felicia will come of age. Soon after her birthday, the wedding will take place. We have to discipline the maids so that they can take good care of her. If such a thing happens again in the future and arouses His Highness's contempt, it will ruin Felicia's bright future. Men are fond of beautiful women. If she is no longer pretty, her whole life will be damaged!" said Harper, massaging Mavis' shoulders.

"You are such a broad-minded girl. She has stolen your fiance, yet you are concerned about her future." Mavis lovingly patted Harper. "I want to take you to the Imperial Palace to meet Lady Katrina soon."

"Yes, Grandma."

When they were talking, Sue rushed over in rage and glared at Harper before bowing down. "Good afternoon, Mother."

"Oh you are here! How is Felicia?" Mavis asked gently. All the daughters of the Chu Clan should live for the glory of the clan, and she did not want either Harper or Felicia to be hurt.

"The physician found this wasn't an allergy, but instead, someone poisoned her." Speaking of this, Sue pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the corner of her eye. "I wonder who was heartless enough to poison Felicia. The person wanted to kill Felicia."

"Oh my God! Mother, didn't you say Felicia was allergic to lotus seeds? Why was she poisoned?" Harper was surprised. "I know some medical skills. If you don't mind, let me treat her."

"No!" Sue snorted. "Felicia's face is already disfigured. Do you want to drug her again?"

Shocked, Harper hurried to kneel down. "What are you talking about, Mother? How would I poison my sister? I know I am not your biological daughter, but I wouldn't do such a thing."

"You wouldn't? If it wasn't you, then who else could have done it? You poisoned Felicia to take revenge for her engagement to His Highness. You figured disfiguring her face would keep His Highness from marrying her. Harper, how vicious you are!" Just thinking about her daughter's condition broke Sue's heart. Had she known this earlier, she would have done her best to keep Harper away from her. 'How I wish I could have protected my daughter from this wretched woman!' she wondered with sadness.

"Grandma, I didn't do it. Although I had been engaged to His Highness from childhood, he only loves Felicia. I'm not a person who likes to ruin the relationship of a loving couple. And I have decided..." Harper paused for a while and added, "Grandma, I really didn't do it!"

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