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   Chapter 20 An Eye For An Eye (Part Two)

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Everyone turned to look at Felicia. Felicia's flawless face was covered with angry, red rashes. She was looking dreadful.

"My face? What's wrong with my face?" Her face started to itch. Felicia couldn't restrain her urge to scratch the skin. Little drops of blood began to ooze out from the places she had scratched. Felicia's face was soon covered with blood that ruined her look even more.

Sue's face grew pale as she became dizzy when she saw Felicia's face. She tried to calm down. She couldn't afford to be a mess because her daughter needed her. Sue jumped out of her seat and stood in front of Felicia, trying to conceal her from everyone's sight. "What are you doing? Don't you know that Felicia is allergic to lotus seeds? How dare you bring the lotus seeds porridge to her! Come over here and help Felicia get inside. You, call the physician over now!" Sue ordered the maids as she was shaking in anger.

Ruby and maids ushered Felicia out of the party. The women let out a sigh of relief when they found out that it was a mere food allergy. "It turns out that Lady Felicia is allergic to lotus seeds. My daughter is allergic to mandarin fish. She had a bite of the fish a few days ago, and it had almost killed her. Lady Sue, I understand how you feel. You better leave right away and take good care of Lady Felicia," a woman said.

Sue glared at Harper, who looked calm as if nothing had happened. Sue's plans had failed, and she never expected Harper to be heartless enough to poison Felicia.

"Harper," Sue called.

"Mother, what can I do for you?" Harper said, trying to look sincere.

"I'm going to take care of your sister. I'll leave this place to you. Take care of everything here, will you?" Sue said through gritted teeth. She had wanted Harper to suffer, but in the end it was her daughter who had become the talk of the people. Sue promised to herself that she would make Harper pay for all this when everyone had left.

"Yes, Mother. I will." Harper gave a reassuring smile. Everyone was surprised at Harper's attitude. She wasn't as bad as everyone had claimed her to be.

"I've heard that Lady Harper was also an imperial physician and that she was fired for killing the son of General Maxwell," a woman mumbled with an accusing look.

"Lady, tell me something. If I had really killed the son of General Maxwell, do you think that he would have set me free? How could His Highness and His Majesty release the murderer of a general's son? I'm standing in front of you because I'm innocent. The despicable concubine of General Maxwell had framed me for his murder,"

Harper explained in a calm tone. Everyone was upset at the mention of concubines. In their eyes, concubines would always cause problems for them, the legal wives.

"Concubines are jea

lous bitches!" a woman said as she was clearly annoyed. "Fortunately, the law clearly states that a concubine will never be able to take the place of a legal wife. Even if a concubine is acknowledged by her husband to be his legal wife, she would remain as a concubine in the official documents."

"Ahem! Ahem!" Another woman cleared her throat to make her stop. But the lady didn't seem to notice it. "My husband is bewitched by a seductress, and he wants to turn her into his legal wife." She rolled her eyes. "Humph! Not even in his dreams!"

"What's the matter, everyone? Why does she look angry?" Sue asked when she walked in. She heard someone trash concubines, and it made her furious.

"It's good to have you back, Mother. How is Felicia? Is everything okay?" Harper asked, looking concerned.

"She's doing well. Stop pretending that you care. I don't need your sympathy." Sue glared at her.

Harper smiled at Sue without a hint of embarrassment.

The woman who was accusing concubines smiled at Sue. "We are glad to hear that Lady Felicia is doing well. Lady Sue, please keep an eye on Prime Minister Charles' concubines. Don't let them bewitch him."

"Thank you. I appreciate your kindness," Sue said coldly.

The woman didn't understand why Sue was being rude to her. She felt that she was perhaps upset due to her daughter's condition. But the woman sitting next to her explained that Sue was also a concubine.

"I invited you all to this party for you to have a good time. But it is unfortunate that my daughter got allergic to the food and caused a commotion. Please forgive me," Sue said as she picked up the glass in front of her. "I'd like to propose a toast."

"It's all right, Lady Sue." Everyone was frustrated. No one had bothered to investigate Sue's identity, and they were all frustrated when they found that Sue was Charles' concubine. They were all ashamed to attend the party conducted by a concubine. They wanted to leave as soon as they could.

The guests began to leave, one after the other, leaving Sue all alone. Harper had gone to the entrance to see them off. Once everyone was gone, Sue was furious and raised her hand to hit Harper.

Harper dodged quickly. Sue had exerted too much strength that she almost fell down. She stood up to steady herself, gasping in pain as she had twisted her hip. "You fucking bitch! How dare you!" she grunted.

"Mother, I'm the first born of Father's legal wife. You are just a concubine. You are offending me by trying to hurt me," Harper said as she gave a nasty look at Sue. "Are you insane?"

"Harper Chu! You..." Sue was too angry to say a word.

Harper smiled scornfully before leaving the place. Sue was standing in shock as she watched Harper leave. Hatred settled in the pit of her stomach.

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