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   Chapter 14 She Might Have Ulterior Motives (Part Two)

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"You silly girl. How can you not want to get married? I'm old and I can't always protect you. I need to find someone for you to rely on," Mavis sighed as she leaned against the headboard. She knew that her son favored his other daughters and disliked Harper. What was worse was that Sue was too narrow-minded to accept Harper. Mavis was worried, if she died one day, Sue would humiliate and treat Harper even more terribly.

"Grandma, don't say such words. You will have a very happy and long life," Harper comforted Mavis and held her hands. "Don't worry about me too much, Grandma. I'm a physician and I know well about your health condition. You are just too tired. I'm sorry for making you worry about me all the time."

"I know my body very well. Girl, you should make some plans for yourself and your future. You know your father is biased against you. But no matter what, he is still your father and you can't hate him for this. It's all Sue's fault. I really have no idea why your father likes her so much that he listens to whatever she says!" Mavis said. She would always get angry whenever she talked about her son and his idiotic ways.

Harper patted Mavis' back to soothe her and said, "Grandma, calm down. I know how Father is with Sue. I don't blame him. Really. I just feel sorry that I only brought trouble to you and Father."

"It's good that you understand," Mavis said and patted Harper's hands slightly. "Harper, you are an unmarried woman. And it's not appropriate for you to show up in public. It doesn't matter that your position as an imperial physician has been taken away. After you return home, I will⁠..."

"Grandma," Harper suddenly interrupted. She then knelt down in front of Mavis and made a kowtow respectfully. "Grandma, I want to learn the imperial etiquette. Please do me a favor and help me."

Mavis looked at Harper in surprise. She asked curiously, "Do you know what you're talking about?"

"Yes, I know well. I want to learn the imperial etiquette. Can you help me please, Grandma?" Harper made a kowtow to Mavis again. She then continued, "Now that His Highness has already cancelled our engagement, everyone has already known that he refused me. My reputation has already been ruined. No one would dare to propose to me because they dare not offend Prince Kevin. However, as a woman of marriageable age, I have to marry a man sooner or later. So I think it's better for me to make a contribution to the Chu Clan by becoming His Majesty's concubine than to marry into a commoner family!"

Mavis was shocked by Harper words. It took her a long time to collect herself. "I need more time to think about it. I have to discuss it with Lady Katrina."

"That is more than enough. Thank you, Grandma," Harper said gratefully. Her agreement meant that Mavis was seriously thinking about her proposal. In her mind, she thought that maybe her grandmother was thinking about what to discuss with Katrina and whom they should send to teach her the imperial etiquette.

"If you want to learn the imperial etiquette, then we must go back home as soon as possible," Mavis said after she thought for a while.

Harper, however, said immediately, "Grandm

a, I think it's better for me to study here. It's more peaceful here. Plus, I don't want to go home with nothing. I know I've hurt father with so much disappointment. I want to return home as a daughter he can be proud of. So let's just keep this to ourselves."

Mavis looked at Harper curiously. She was sure Harper wouldn't have said such words in the past. Everyone was well aware that Harper was an arrogant girl. On the other hand, Mavis also worried that Sue would find fault with Harper if she learned imperial etiquette at home. So after thinking for a while, she nodded and agreed.

"If you want to keep it from your father, I'm afraid I can't go to the palace to talk with Lady Katrina," Mavis murmured. She held the Buddha beads in her hand, and thought for a while. "I've already had a candidate. She is not working in the Imperial Palace anymore, but she knows more than those nannies there. But, Harper, let me ask you one more time. Are you sure you're ready to face all the challenges and struggles of learning imperial etiquette?"

"Yes, Grandma, I'm sure of it. I have suffered in jail. I don't think learning it would be as terrible as what I have suffered on the execution ground. I really want to do something for the Chu Clan. Being a weak clan is why those people dared to bully me and the Chu Clan like that!" If Harper was doing this for the Chu Clan, then Mavis felt better to acquiesce to her request.

"Well, good. Just wait for my news. The nanny will come here within three days. If you start complaining about the training being too tiring or painful, I will disown you!" Mavis said with a serious look.

"Thank you, Grandma, for your help," Harper said as she made a kowtow in gratitude to Mavis.

News traveled fast that Mavis hired a nanny for Harper. Eventually, Matthew heard about it. Sitting in a wheelchair and staring at the dark sky, he said in a cold tone, "All women in the world have their own motives. Even that woman is no exception."

"Your Highness, do you need us to...?" Jack made a slashing gesture against his throat, a known gesture for killing.

"No need. She's more valuable to us alive than dead. Since she wants to learn the imperial etiquette, I'll grant her wish! Tell Mary to try her best to teach Harper. I'd like to see how far she can go!" Matthew said.

"Yes, Your Highness."

Looking at Matthew, who had a poker face all the time, Denny whistled mischievously, "Matthew, I think that woman has her own ulterior motives."

"What do you mean?" Matthew narrowed his eyes and asked.

"I've just met that woman once. But I can feel that she is cunning and quite capable. She proposed to learn the imperial etiquette. Somehow, I think that she has other intentions. I can see whether a woman covets wealth or not. Harper has a pair of clear eyes. She is not obsessed with handsome men like you. So in my opinion, it's almost impossible for her to be willing to be an old man's woman in the Imperial Palace!" Denny explained and then raised his eyebrows. "How about we make a bet? I bet she has other intentions. What do you think?" There was a cunning smile on his face.

"Don't be ridiculous," Matthew snorted.

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