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   Chapter 12 An Unlucky Day (Part Two)

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"You must come up with an idea!" Denny said with a hint of foreboding in his tone. "Because they won't let you go after he dies."

The corners of Harper's mouth twitched slightly. Looking at the fierce looking people, she knew that Denny was telling the truth. If she couldn't save the patient, then she would die here today.

"I know of a method which can extend his life for two years. In two years, if we can find a method to remove the toxins from his body, he can be saved." Harper clenched her teeth. "But he has to pay a price for this."

"You can tell me the price. Master will pay you whatever you want!"

"My method is to direct the toxins to his legs and block them there. He will be safe for two years but he will lose the ability to walk."

"It's not up to us. We should ask him." Denny sighed and immediately thrust a few needles at the man's body. After a short while, the man woke up. As if he had thought of something, he sat up in an instant.

"How dare that woman..."

"Your Highness!" When Harper caught the first sight of the man's face, she cried out in surprise. She had never expected that the man who attacked her after she fell off the cliff was Matthew.

Matthew cast a cold glance at Harper, which made her tremble in fear. She swallowed and said, "Your Highness, I didn't know it was you..."

"Did you two know each other?" Denny asked.

"No!" Matthew replied without hesitation.

Denny took a look at Harper, who was wet, and then at Matthew, who had a dark face. His wild guess was that this lady was probably obsessed with Matthew. She must have heard from somewhere that Matthew was here, so she came to hook up with him. However, he didn't realize it and was annoyed at her. "Your Highness, this lady said that she had a way to block the toxins within you for two years. Then there will be enough time for us to find the cure."

"Really?" Although Matthew knew Harper's medical skills were excellent, he didn't expect her to have such great capability.

"Yes. But in that case, your legs will be unable to work," Harper replied. "Your Highness, you've saved my life. If you trust me, I'm more than willing to treat you."

"Why are you here and not in the Chu Clan mansion?" Matthew asked.

"It's a long story..."

"Well, then save your breath. Two years is enough. Let's get started," Matthew answered without hesitation. He had been poisoned for a long time. The only reason why he was still alive was that he wanted to take revenge. In two years, everything would be finished.

"I need Physician Denny's help." Looking at Denny, who was about to leave, Harper hurriedly added, "I can't do it alone."

Denny took a look at Harper and smiled. "Sure. What d

o you want me to do?"

"Well, listen carefully." Pointing at the man who had held a sword on her neck, Harper said, "You two should use internal force together to force the toxins out of His Highness's internal organs."

"Barry, listen to her."

"Yes, Master."

Matthew never believed that someone would show kindness to him for no reason. He didn't really want to save Harper that time. He just wanted to see Maxwell's angry face. Now that Harper wanted to save him, he couldn't help but wonder if she had any ulterior motives.

However, during the treatment, Harper didn't do anything inappropriate. She barely even looked at Matthew. Her earnest appearance attracted a lot of attention. Denny was shocked by her skillful movements. He didn't expect that such a young girl could be so deft at the arts of medicine.

"Who taught you this?" he asked her.

"My uncle," Harper replied without raising her head. All her mind was concentrated on the needles. Beads of sweat began to form on her forehead. "Wipe the sweat off," she ordered.

Matthew had a confused look on his face. Both Denny and Barry were busing. With a quick glance at her, he realized that Harper seemed to be talking to him. He then reluctantly lifted his hand and wiped the sweat off her forehead. Barry was stunned as he watched the scene. 'His Highness just wiped sweat off a woman's forehead. He didn't allow any women to get close to him. Unbelievable!'

Harper was concentrated on the process, so she didn't notice the stare everyone gave her. If she overlooked one point, Matthew's life would be on the line and she would not be able to get out of here alive.

Tiny beads of sweat ran down her cheeks and dropped on Matthew's legs. The warm liquid made him uncomfortable. Was it the impending loss of his legs? He didn't know. He just knew that it felt like something was aching in his chest.

"Please don't move, Your Highness. It will be finished soon. I am afraid that I will make a mistake if you move around." Harper shook her head to prevent her sweat from blurring her vision. A drop of sweat fell down on Matthew's face. He froze and dared not move, let alone wipe the sweat on her face. Not until the toxins were completely directed to his legs did Harper fell onto her knees.

"It's done."

Denny immediately checked Matthew's swollen and black legs, feeling his pulse. There were no toxins in his internal organs and all the toxins were blocked in his legs. It was incredible.

"Bring me a basin," Harper said.

Barry jumped to his feet and handed a copper basin to her. She took it and stretched her hand out to him. "Give me a dagger."

"For what?"

"We have to release the toxins out of his body!"

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