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   Chapter 10 Go To The Country House

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Sue felt scared at Mavis' words. She knelt again, ready to beg for mercy. If Mavis didn't allow her to be the hostess of the Chu Clan, her children would be looked down upon by everyone.

"Mother, even if I have done something wrong, please don't be angry with my children. Howard is Charles' only son. If he's treated as the son of a concubine, people will laugh at him." Sue always knew that if Mavis cared about anyone, other than Harper, then it was her son, Howard Chu.

Mavis hesitated for a moment and did not say more. She just continued to wait for Jaden to make a diagnosis. Harper, meanwhile, was fussed over by Nina and Anabel as they began to bind the wound on her head.

Harper kept her silence. Her energy had run out after she cried at how much she was wronged. Mavis felt sorry and angry seeing her granddaughter's condition.

As soon as Jaden arrived, Mavis asked him to check Harper's wound and asked if there would be any scarring left after it healed. Jaden reassured her that hopefully there would be none, which relieved Mavis. After tending to Harper, Jaden prepared to check on Felicia under Mavis' instruction.

Felicia huddled up in bed and refused to let the physician check on her no matter how hard Sue tried to persuade her. As an experienced physician, how could Jaden not understand? He looked at the bowls on the table and asked which bowls Harper and Felicia had used at that time. When he knew Harper used the silver tableware, a hint of pity flashed in his eyes. Then he checked the bowl Felicia had used.

"My Lady, only Lady Felicia's bowl was poisoned. It's a special kind of poison, which can flood the victim's lungs with blood. It's extremely aggressive, and after eating it, one will die before there's any time to rescue. But Lady Felicia is safe and sound. She must have taken the antidote soon after being poisoned, right?"

Hearing this, Sue wiped the cold sweat off her forehead. They had heard that Felicia was poisoned and rushed here as soon as possible. They had tried to make it in fifteen minutes but in reality, it had taken them half an hour to get here.

"Physician Jaden, is the poison really that strong?" Sue asked awkwardly.

"Yes, this poison is very toxic and rare. Since both Lady Harper and Lady Felicia are fine, I'll be going on my way now."

"Physician Jaden." Harper finally spoke. "There's something I don't understand. Please enlighten me, Physician Jaden."

Jaden paused in collecting his things and looked at Harper. Well-versed in the medical science, she had so much great potential but circumstances had landed her in a bit of hot water lately. "Go ahead, My Lady. How can I help you?"

"If one takes the antidote before eating the poison, will they die from it?"

"No," Jaden said without hesitation. "In that case, the one poisoned will only spit blood. After they spit out the blood, then they will be okay."

"Thank you so much, Physician Jaden."

"See you."

"Annie, see Physician Jaden off," Mavis ordered.

"Yes, My Lady."

As soon as Jaden left, Mavis threw the teacups to the floor. Sue hurriedly took hold of Felicia and they both knelt. "Mother, Felicia is not such a vicious person. Someone must have framed her. Felicia, apologize to your grandma, now."

"Grandma, I was wrong. I didn't mean to do that. It was this bitch!" Felicia suddenly pointed at her maid, Penny. "She prepared the food. She must have put the poison in the food."

Penny, who had no idea she was going to be the scapegoat, fell to her knees. "My Ladies, please believe me. I didn't put any poison in anything. I didn't poison anyone. Please, My Ladies, I didn't do it."

"You bitch! You did not only poison me, but also caused Harper to be punished by Father. I'll beat you to death!" Felicia rushed to Penny and started to beat her up.

"Enough!" Mavis roared. Felicia trembled with fear and went down on her knees again. The trouble brewing in their family brought a horrible headache to Mavis. "Charles, it's up to you now."

Charles heard that and understood at once. Mavis intended to seek justice for Harper. "Felicia, Harper was wronged and got beaten because of you. Maybe I spoiled you too much. Stay in your room and take a month to reflect on your mistakes!"


"Do as your father says!" Sue immediately stopped Felicia from trying to protest, and was about to take her away. But Mavis laughed with disappointment.

"Well, well, well. You really are a good father!" Mavis stood up, a cane holding up most of her weight. Her body swayed a little before Belinda, one of her maids, rushed to support her.

"Mother, are you all right?"

"I'm too old now." Mavis was furious. "Annie, arrange a carriage. Since Harper and I are no longer welcome here, we'll just go to the country house!"

"Mother, what are you talking about?" Anxiety was written all over Charles' face. If the news spread, he would be regarded as a horrible son. If the emperor heard how he just let his mother and daughter leave his mansion and stay in the country house, his future would be ruined.

"Just discipline your dear Felicia. Don't bother to care about Harper!" Mavis pushed

Charles away and left with Harper that night. Nina and Anabel immediately followed them. After looking at each other for a moment, Enya and Elsie hurried into the room and packed up some clothes before going to the country house with them.

As soon as they arrived, Harper developed a fever that made her dizzy and weak. Mavis worried so much and called for a physician. The maids boiled herbs to cure Harper while Mavis looked after her. While Mavis fussed over Harper, Annie worried that tending towards Harper might stress out Mavis. She was old and didn't have the stamina of a younger lady. But Mavis was stubborn. She wouldn't let anyone persuade her into retiring to her room.

"It's all my fault. I always know Charles doesn't like Harper, but I still left her alone at the mansion. If I were there to look over her, she wouldn't have suffered so much." Mavis blamed herself.

"My Lady, please don't blame yourself. You didn't know what would happen. Poor Lady Harper. She lost her mother, and it is you who has brought her up. We didn't expect that she would suffer so much." Annie looked at Harper's pale face and felt sorry for her.

"My Lady, you have stayed with Lady Harper for a whole night. You better go to bed now. If she wakes up and knows that you have stayed up all night because of her, she will blame herself for worrying you. My Lady, you are the only one she can rely on now. You must take care of yourself," Nina said to Mavis. Mavis was the only person Harper could depend on. If anything happened to Mavis, Harper would most probably get into danger. Charles and Sue wanted to kill her.

"My Lady, Nina is right. You should rest now. We will let you know when Lady Harper wakes up," Annie also advised.

"Well, Nina, take good care of Harper."

"Yes, My Lady."

Harper had been in a coma for two days. On the third day, she woke up in a daze and saw Mavis sitting by the bed. Tears fell from her eyes as she struggled to get up, but Mavis told her not to move. Harper shook her head stubbornly, got out of the bed, and knelt respectfully in front of Mavis.

"Grandma, I'm sorry." Harper made a kowtow to Mavis. "I'm so sorry. I was ignorant. I shouldn't have been such an unreasonable and arrogant girl who confused right from wrong. I should know better. I am sorry I broke your heart."

Tears coursed down Mavis' cheeks after she heard that. "Good girl, get up now. You're still weak. I forgive you," she said.

"No, Grandma, please listen to me." Harper was still on her knees. "I have done a lot of stupid things. I didn't win my father's love but instead, he detested me more. I was too dull. I thought that doing something wrong would make him notice me. I was wrong. I will try to behave myself from now on and never make the same mistakes again."

"Okay, okay, I know. Get up now." Mavis pulled Harper up. "I am glad that you've realized your fault. It's great that you can admit and correct your mistakes. I raised you as if you were my own child. How could I blame you? You have been injured and in a coma for two days. You must be hungry now. Annie, bring Harper some food and let her eat something."

"Thank you, Grandma. You are the best."

"My silly girl." Mavis held Harper's hand as she watched Nina feed her. "Just take good care of yourself. When you recover, your father will come and take you back. He was furious and blinded by someone, but he didn't mean to beat you so hard. Don't hate him."

"I understand," Harper responded obediently. She had lost all trust in Charles when he ordered guards to beat her to death. From now on, she wouldn't expect him to love her. Of course, she wouldn't love him anymore. In this family, only Mavis treated her as blood sincerely.

"It's good that you understand. Your father was too stupid." Mavis sighed. She always favored her younger son, Daniel Chu, thinking that he was the weak one. He had loved his niece Harper the most before he was gone. So she also loved Harper the most. But compared with her granddaughter, she loved her son Charles more. Though she had a fight with Charles, she still thought Harper shouldn't hate him.

"When your father comes to pick us up, you should be humble and apologize to him. Be kind and respectful to him. After all, he is the prime minister of the country. He wants to keep his dignity."

"I know." Mavis was amazed at the unusual obedience of Harper. In the past, Harper didn't do anything she didn't want to do. She didn't expect Harper would be so obedient now. It seemed that being beaten was a blessing in disguise for her.

"Have a good rest. I'll go back to my room first. There are few people in the house. If you feel tired, just take a walk."

"Yes, Grandma."

After Mavis left, Nina shared with Harper that she had a fever and Mavis had spent a whole night with her. Harper nodded, taking in the account of how far her grandmother went to keep her safe. She would always remember and cherish the fact that Mavis was the only one who treated her as family. As for others, she would try to forget what had happened in the past. However, if they dared to plot against her again, she would not spare them.

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