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   Chapter 8 Beat Her To Death (Part One)

Time Travelling: My Love from the Royal Family By Sha Manyao Characters: 6484

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Harper wasn't naive to think that her younger sister Felicia was kind enough to visit her or bring her food. She had even apologized for ruining Harper's engagement when it was evident that she had worked hard to seize her engagement.

To Harper's surprise, the food that Felicia had brought wasn't poisoned. Nothing happened and she seemed normal even after consuming the food. Then why was Felicia here? She wouldn't meet her without a hidden agenda. But Harper couldn't figure out what her sister was up to, which made her apprehensive.

"Felicia, what on earth..." The exact moment Harper started to talk was when blood started dribbling from the corner of Felicia's mouth and her face turned pale. She was poisoned!

Harper had used silver chopsticks to test the food and found that the food wasn't contaminated. But how was Felicia poisoned?

"Oh my God!" Felicia's maid screamed as she stormed out of the room. "Terrible news! Lady Harper has poisoned Lady Felicia! My Lord, My Lady, bad news..." The maid was in utter shock as she fumbled with the words.

The corner of Harper's mouth twitched in anger when she saw the maid rushing out. Felicia was playing a trick to frame her own sister—she had poisoned herself. Disgust and coldness surged through Harper's eyes when she saw that Felicia was spitting blood on the table. She couldn't believe that Felicia had loathed her enough to go to the extent of poisoning herself, in order to frame her for it.

"You are a heartless wench! You've gone to the extent of poisoning yourself to frame me. I can't believe this!" Harper said through gritted teeth as bile rose in her throat. Their father Charles had been cold and distant to Harper ever since she had dragged her clan into her crisis. If he was convinced that she had tried to kill her sister out of jealousy, he would never forgive her and might disown her.

The physician arrived soon and gave medicines to detoxify Felicia. Charles and Sue rushed in as soon as the physician had left. The latter rushed towards Felicia and swept her into a tight embrace. She began to sob uncontrollably.

"Bitch!" Charles glared at Harper and hit her right in the face. The intensity of the slap caused Harper to spin around and fall on the floor. Her forehead hit the corner of the table and was cut deeply. Blood gushed out and dribbled on her collar, staining it red. Charles didn't care that his daughter was bleeding. "I didn't expect you to be a vicious bitch!"

"I didn't poison her." Harper looked at her father, whilst covering her wound. Charles was shaking with rage and remained impervious to his daughter's words. The intensity of his look made it seem like he wanted to eat Harper alive. At that moment, he didn't look like her father, but like an enemy who wanted her dead.

"You're lying through your teeth. How dare you! I should have never indulged you before. Guards, drag her out and beat her to death!" Charles spat as his hatred grew in intensity with every passing second. Harper was astonished to see her father treat her like an enemy. How could he do this to her? Wasn't she his daughter as well? Harper's heart bled when her father wished death upon her.

"Father, even if you love Felicia and

not me, I don't deserve to be treated this way. You haven't given me the chance to explain. You want me dead, don't you? Am I not your daughter?" Harper bellowed as her eyes turned red. Charles was dumbfounded as his heart was drumming in his chest with panic. But his face had regained the same ferocity with which he had hit his daughter a while ago.

"Someone as cruel as you can never be my daughter. First, you risked the lives of the entire clan to save yours, and now, you are jealous of your own sister and have tried to kill her. You are a vindictive woman. You don't deserve to be my daughter! Now is the time for me to be righteous. I should place what is right above the love for my family. I should kill an unfaithful, evil daughter like you."

Harper was astounded upon hearing her father's words. How could her father want her dead? Wasn't he supposed to love her and give her a chance even if she was arrogant and had a bad reputation? Why did he have to hate her so much?

"Father, you are a vicious man!" Harper roared. She was already hurt and didn't have the strength to fight him. She stared at him as blood continued to gush from her forehead. She looked at the malice in her father's face and felt that he was not a human, but a vengeful beast under the skin of a human.

Charles was shocked to see Harper's eyes filled with hatred. "You are the vicious bitch that wants her family dead," he snarled.

"You're right, I'm a bitch. But what about you, my dear father? An old bastard who wants his daughter dead?" Harper laughed bitterly and struggled hard to stand up. "As the prime minister of the country, you indulge your concubine and allow her to bully me. Even a vicious tiger doesn't eat its cubs, but've tried to kill me so many times. You're evil! I'm your daughter, not your enemy!"

Charles' anger reached another level when he heard Harper's words. "Beat her now!" he ordered his guards. "Beat the unfilial daughter to death! How dare she yell at me, this cunning bitch!" He paused for a moment and turned towards Harper. "I would spare your life if you weren't vicious. Our family would never be at peace as long as you are alive."

The guards were very loyal to Sue and knew that she hated Harper very much. Thus, they pinned Harper to a bench. Without showing a hint of mercy, they raised their sticks to hit her.

"No!" Harper's maids, Anabel, Enya and Elsie, screamed in unison as they raced towards the guards to stop them. Unfortunately, the maids weren't strong enough and were subdued by the guards. Looking at her crying maids and her father's cold face, Harper sneered. 'Is this the family that you've loved with all your heart? This is the man you've respected all your life. Harper, haven't you given up yet? You don't deserve this!' she mentally reprimanded herself.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. She knew that the tears were not hers, but belonged to old Harper who had loved her family more than anything else in the world. This moment, only her life mattered to her. She had desperately tried to escape the death sentence, but now she was going to be beaten to death. She used to be an arrogant woman, but today she was doomed as death was waiting for her.

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