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   Chapter 6 Called Off The Engagement (Part Two)

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"Father, how could you do that?" Harper was shocked. She knew that Charles would be angry at her when she went back to the Chu Clan mansion, but she didn't expect that he would let Hailey Chu, her eldest sister, to take over her position as an imperial physician. They were both his daughters. Why did he have to be on Hailey's side?

"Why can't I do that?" Charles went on coldly. "You misbehaved. You can't blame anyone. Leave and reflect on yourself. You are not allowed to step out of your yard without my orders!"


"Fuck off!"

"My Lord, Hansen Jun is here to see you." The steward hurried in.

"Send him in." Charles was quite shocked, and he hurriedly asked the servant to invite him in. When he cast a quick glance at Harper, who was still kneeling on the floor, he felt impatient. Soon after, a man in a brocade robe strode in.


"Have a seat, Your Highness." Charles gestured for Hansen Jun to sit down. "What brings you here, Your Highness?"

Hansen Jun reached for the tea offered by a servant girl and leisurely took a slow sip. He then focused his gaze towards Harper, who looked pitiful as she was kneeling on the floor. Noticing the tea leaves on her body, he thought she looked really pathetic.

Charles was a little embarrassed, but before he could utter a word, Felicia cut in, "What brings you here, Your Highness?"

Harper also wanted to ask this question. And she almost forgot that she was engaged to Hansen Jun. Since they were engaged, Harper felt relieved that Charles couldn't prohibit her from coming out of the house in the future. But what Hansen Jun said next stunned her, blowing off the tiny spark of hope she had. Then it dawned on her that it was just a trick prepared by Sue Wang for her!

"I am here to call off the engagement."

With those words, Harper was a little dizzy out of helplessness. Although she didn't like him, he was so ruthless that he chose to abandon her when she was having a hard time.

"Your Highness, you must think it over!" Harper yelled. She was terrified that she would lose her life in this mansion if she lost her fiance.

"I wanted to call off the engagement a long time ago. Now that you have done such a brutal thing, how can my wife be such a vicious woman? So I personally came to break off the engagement!" Hansen Jun replied without showing interest or concern. It was as if what he had said was just something insignificant. He was not even aware that his words would put her life in danger.

"Your Highness, the engagement..." Charles didn't know what to do. If Hansen Jun called off the engagement, then the relationship between their two clans would be ruined.

"Don't worry. I just broke off the engagement with Harper Chu. My wife should not be a vicious woman, so

I want to call off the engagement and marry Lady Felicia instead." His tender eyes were filled with love as he stared at Felicia, who was silently standing beside him.

Felicia's face turned as red as an apple. She demurely lowered her head, seeming to be shy. It was easy to tell that they were having an affair for a long time. The original owner of Harper's body was too stupid to perceive this. Harper thought that what had happened these days probably was a trap that they set for her.

"Okay!" Charles agreed without hesitation. As long as Hansen Jun was still engaged to his daughter, it didn't matter that he called off the engagement with Harper. Moreover, Charles thought Felicia was the best choice for Hansen Jun. Charles then took a glance at Harper in disgust and exclaimed, "Since you are in love with each other, you two will make a good couple. How can I have any objections? Harper, show me the token that His Highness gave you and give it to your sister."

Harper laughed. She took out the token without a hint of hesitation and eagerly threw it on the floor, akin to throwing away trash. With a frown, Hansen Jun looked at Harper unhappily, but the latter didn't even look at him. 'All men are untrustworthy, so is Hansen!' Harper thought to herself in rage.

"Harper, how can you throw it away? What if you break it?" Felicia picked the jade pendant up in a hurry and gently placed it in Hansen Jun's hand.

He got hold of Felicia's soft hand and gave her the jade pendant. "It's my token, Felicia."

"Your Highness, please return my token to me," Harper urged coldly. She thought that since he was heartless, she would definitely leave him. Hansen Jun was a cold-blooded man, so she didn't want to be entangled with him anymore.

Hearing her, Hansen Jun sneered and hurled the jade pendant given by Harper's mother to the floor, breaking it into pieces. There was a hint of anger flashed in Harper's eyes, but she managed to conceal it well. She fully understood that the purpose of these people was to provoke her. If she tried to fight back, they would have an excuse to get rid of her. No one in this clan would protect her!

Harper gracefully picked up the pieces of the jade pendant and carefully wrapped them with a handkerchief. "I'm leaving, Father," she mumbled.

"Okay," Charles said with disdain as if Harper was not his daughter, but his mortal enemy. Hansen Jun, on the other hand, was delighted. His lips curled into a triumphant smile when he saw Harper bite her bleeding lips. He loathed her domineering behavior, but now, seeing her bend herself to others and endure the suffering, he felt pretty good.

"I am leaving now," Hansen Jun said.

"Take care, Your Highness."

Charles stood up and followed Hansen Jun with his eyes.

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