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   Chapter 15 Fourteen

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I'd been discharge from hospital, my life had took a U-turn with Zaid. He showered me with menu gift and offered me a job but a girl with self pride as me turned everything off. I didn't need his help. He wasn't there when I was surviving. I'd live on the street. He had process chidima education, chidima had been given scholarship with his help that was the only thing I was grateful for.

I was hawking under the scorching sun when he matched towards me. "Dee, the gift I sent to you, don't you like it?" he asked frustrated.

"Thank you for the gift but I can't accept it" I replied.

As I wanted to carry my plastic bucket, he yanked it from me and carried it on his head. I was shocked and embarrassed.

"What are you doing?" I said in a hush voice. I was looking around for any sign of security. The heir to be hawking. I could be arrested because this rich people were unpredictable. They might say I used love portion on him.

"To show you how much I need your forgiveness" he walked, advertising.

"Stop, I've forgiven you" I said quickly, trying to collect the bowl from him.

"No, you aren't. You were not happy about what I did with Becky and his father. And principal with Mrs Akin".

"Yes, I don't need you to help me" I said harshly before pinching my nose, "what you did was extreme" I sighed softly. "I know becky and her squads bullied. The principal didn't do anything to stop them because he was scared and Mrs akin was just..." I trailed off. I knew they hurt me but he shouldn't have fired them.

"Becky's father was impeached because he superabundant the income of the country and he did black work also and there were evidence" he explained.

"But if not because what Becky did, you wouldn't have take an action or take him to justice" I cried.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to let you cry. It just that I wanted them to suffer" he cynically stated.

"But it is too much. I don't want anyone to suffer because of me" I remarked.

"Please accept my gifts" he pleaded.

"Your gifts, money can buy everything. You think if you buy me gifts, am going to forget everything?. Even though I forgive, I can never forget" I carried my bucket and went away, leaving him standing not before telling him for his help.


I and chidima stood at the podium. All the studen

ife is valuable" I concluded while everybody stood and clapped. Chidima collected the mic and continued.

"Great Nigerian students" She hailed while they howled in reply.

"Now that mama don talk. All of una go come one by one to collect flyers wey you go share and polo you go wear. And my next week we go talk on child abuse. Tell una male and pale to Waka with you" she beamed.

"And you can connect us through social media. Let's change the world".



Abeg, pass me the mic ; please, give me the mic.

All of una dey do like broiler. She na dey hail you, you dey gapa because you be Omo baba olowo. Lemme tell you one tin, if you na dey do woyo woyo for me ; you guys are behaving like broiler. She was greeting you but you were giving her attitude to answer her because you are a rich man son. Let me tell you something, if you misbehave.

Me be Omo warri girl ooo, I go do were for u oo ; I'm a Warri girl, I'm going to teach you a lesson.

And your mama dey talk, you dey grumble which kind Omo be that. Me I'm not well oo but I'm not sick oo ; and your mom (Adiya) was talking, you were grumbling, what kind of children are you?. I'm not okay but I'm not sick.

Now that mama don talk. All of una go come one by one to collect flyers wey you go share and polo you go wear. And my next week we go talk on child abuse. Tell una male and pale to Waka with you : Now that mama (Adiya) has talked, you should come one by one to collect the flyers to share it and wear the vest.


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