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   Chapter 14 Thirteen

Adiya Amir By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 6852

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"Do you care?" I asked sarcastically, "no you never" I sniffed.

"If I jumped or die, it's none of your concern" I said adamantly.

"No" I heard another voice, I wiped my head to other side and saw Chidima running toward to me, panting heavily.

"Adiya, you are stronger than this girl" she said softly, looking at me with glistened eyes.

"What I am still waiting for?" I asked, she walked slowly to me and hugged me.

"Dee, suicidal is not the solution. Suicidal does not solve anything it just added to the pain" she said soothingly while patting my back.

"I don't wish to but I'm tired. I'm tired of struggling, tired of living" I sobbed lightly.

"Don't give up dear" she wiped the tears on my face, "You were the one always telling me that everything that's difficult in our lives is a challenges. We need to fight and reach the top". "And remember sis, everything that happens in our lives are challenges that we need to conquered" she patted my hands softly.


"No but dear" she said softly in a scolding voice. "you still have many purpose in the life. And if you jumped and die, do you think you've escape your problems, pains, struggles?" she asked gently.

I wanted to reply but she cut me off, "you don't escape anything because the pains continue to intensify because taken one's life is forbidden and it's a great sin. Then why suicidal?" her question hung in the air.

I knew but...

Why suicidal?. I asked myself.

It was even a sin to kill oneself.

"Were you not the one who do tell me when I lose hope that 'verily with every difficulty comes ease'" she quoted me while I smiled at her.

"Oh my, I've committed a great sin, Ya Allah please forgive and pardon me" I prayed silently.

"Thank you" she told me while I looked at her dumbfounded.

Why thank you, I thought.

"For not committing suicide Dee because it will affect me" her voice as coated with heavy emotion.

We stayed at each other embraced before Zaid made hod presence known while Chidima scrunched her nose.


I was enraged.

How dare he think in my behalf.

"And I 'ear for news say dey dey campaign no more bully and harassment" she said smiling cheekily.

But I wasn't happy about it what he had done except from the campaign stuff.

I can not wait to get back to school.


Translation, rough translation.

You can't sabi watin I 'ear today? :, you can't believe what I heard today?

Watin you ear, let 'earam" : what did you hear, tell me.

Oya na: Answer me

Make I talk: Should I talk?

Your school don close. E talk says Zaid don removed Becky pale from presidio and don send am away from school, Becky don become we we : Your school has closed down, it was said that Zaid has removed Becky's father as the president and he has also expel her. Becky is like us, ie poor like us.

Because una no dey school, school don get unexpected holiday. The principal and that teacher wey dey always yell at you don get fired. No work for dis country again : because you  are not in school, you school has closed down for an unexpected holiday. The principal and the teachers that always shout at you have been fired. And there's no job opportunity for them again in this country.

And I 'ear for news say dey dey campaign no more bully and harassment: I heard that there will be campaign in your school on "no more bully or harassment".


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