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   Chapter 13 Twelve

Adiya Amir By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 7611

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Warning before reading this chappy!; It has some suicide attempt in it. If you are uncomfortable, please skip.

I was numbed.

The feeling of unwanted and uneasy, I just wanted to fade away. Everything was too much for me to bear. I was tired of living.

Why me

I tried to be normal.

I tried to be invisible.

I just wanted to fade away.

I just wanted to be forgotten.

I was no one.

I didn't have anyone.

What's my essence.

I was tired of living.

I was tired of living in the shadow.

I wanted to be myself.

I wanted to be heard.

I wanted to be seen.

But I knew...

It was impossible.

Because I was no one.

I woke up at the hospital bed frantically, screaming at top of my lungs. The doctor came in and checked on me. As he was asking, "how are you feeling?" I couldn't answer.

How was I feeling?

Was it important?

I was no one!.

And I would always be no one.

I didn't answer him, I just chuckled and mumbled out 'fine', whereas I was having an emotional turmoils.

The doctor went out of the room telling he was coming back not before telling me that my crutches was beside the bed, if I needed to use the bathroom.

He said I had some broken ribs and my right leg was broken also. The crutches would help for the main time.

As he went out, I yanked the IV from my vein urgently, I needed to escape before he returned.

I looked at the bathroom back to the door, where should I go?. They would find me in the bathroom.

I walked out of the door with my crutches, helping me with my movement. I walked to the elevator and pressed it to the last floor; the rooftop but it wasn't working.

That was my escape link.

I struggled out of the elevator to walked to the stair. As I took a step and another, I missed my steps and fell; rolling on the stairs. I bit my lips hard to muffled my cries.

I stood up wobbling again, I started chanting, ' I can do it'.

When I reached the last stairs, I opened the door and breath in the fresh air. I was sweating profusely, as I was breathing in my chest was heaved, my rib bones were protesting.

I realised my crutches and crawled to the end stream. I looked down and saw the moving wheels.

That was my opportunity to escape.

I closed my eyes to felt

I still have faith and believe that everything would be okay" I sniffed.

I remembered my baby lifeless face, his small nose, lips.

"I worked my ass off every morning and night, I read and study hard to get a scholarship and leave my past behind me but I still have faith and believe that everything would be okay" I joked.

"Then, I met you. I was shocked when you told me you loved me. Who could love someone like me?, I rejected you. And you promised to make my life a living hell. I overlooked the comment because I'd passed through more than that but I still have faith and believe that everything would be okay".

"Then the pain and hurt intensive because I love you, I was hurt because of you. I tried to run from you because we are not in the same league but it was impossible" I stated.

"You made me fall in love with you and hurt me. It's true that the person you love and care for the most is the person who hurt you the most. Then you and Becky planned to break by opening my past. But you know what?. You damaged me. My faith and believe that everything would be okay was tarnished" I looked far away from him.

"You promised me that I would wish for death but death won't come. It's true I'm wishing for it but it is not coming" I smiled.

"I want to die, I want to forget everything, I want to be in peace but because of I can get to do it".

"Please just release me to go" I pleaded.

"No Adiya, I can't let you go because if you go I'll follow you" he replied. . . .


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