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   Chapter 12 Eleven

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6 years ago.


"Diya baby, what happened dear" my uncle asked me concerning.

I trembled when water was running from my nostrils. I was still in shocked state, "men came, papa mama burnt and me watch" I hipcupped. "They hit mama tummy and mama said I should run" I shook. "Then I ran here and told the Alfa to call you" I sobbed.

"They beat them, they they" I wailed loudly.

Uncle crouched to my level, hugged me and patted me lightly while my body shook with sob. "It's okay, I'm here now, everything is alright" he cooed me.

"But will mum and dad come back" I raised my wet lashes up to look at him.

"Yes, I'll make sure of it" he promised and I believed it.

Mom, dad I'll see you soon.


I've been staying at my uncle's place since last two years and we haven't talked about my parents.

I went to my uncle's office, he dislike been disturbed when he's working but I need to ask him about what he promised.

I saw uncle working on his laptop, through the glass window. I knocked softly.

My uncle has been patience with me, he take care of me like his baby. He helped me with my nightmares.

I loved them but I wanted to be with my parents. It has been so long I've see my parents.

in fear.

"What do you mean?" I asked timidly, before I knew what was happening. I was back handed hard across my face. I bit my lips hard to make stop from crying out.

"Another word there, I won't exitate to kill you" he growled.

"Leave the poor girl alone" the man at the front grinned.

I panicked, where are they taking me to?




"Help" I shouted, trying to start up. The two men held me down while I struggled to shout. The other one brought out an handkerchief. He held it to my nose and made me inhaled. I fell into unconscious state.

Everything was foggy when I opened my eyes, I tried to move when I noticed my hands and legs were been tied. I tried to shout too but my mouth was gagged.

"I see you have wake up princess. Now let the fun begins"


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