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   Chapter 11 Ten

Adiya Amir By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 6459

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"Who did this to you?" Zaid asked applying cream on my scratched face.

My face has been healing with the help of the cream, I didn't know where he got the cream but I knew the cream could cost up to my monthly fee.

He waited for me after school to take me back home, but when he couldn't find me he traced me before he found my bruised body along the roadside. I was grateful that he was the one that saw me, he carried me to his penthouse.

He has been asking me since last week I was awake, to know about the bruise on my body but I refused to tell him anything.

"I don't know the person, the person wore mask" I replied dismissively.

He has really taken good care of me, by buying an expensive phone for me. He saved his and sumaya's number.

"Who did...?" I cut him off, "sincerely I don't know, I don't know them... They will know if I tell you....she will skin me alive if she knows that I tell you" I rambled frantically before I clamped my mouth shut.

Foolish Dee

You've give a way

He would ask who now

"Who is she" he seethed

"I don't know" I mumbled while my stomach used that moment to grumbled.

I patted my stomach for being a lifesaver.

"Lemme get you food girl, we are not through with this" he narrowed his eyes at me and I smiled innocently back then he slammed the door shut while grumbling.

I minimized the game I was playing and search for NPD. I've looking for a way to search for it but never knew how to operate the phone until yesterday's night.

I sat on the couch while nibbling on my lips. I needed to search for it quickly before he comes back.

"Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder with a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, excessive need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.[2][3]Those affected often spend much time thinking about achieving power or success, or on their

ied and shouted but I knew it fell on a deaf hear.

No one would help me

I was all alone

"Stop" she commanded, "there's no fun in it, everyone let me tell you a secret" she giggled.

"You know this girl her" she pointed at me, "she wanted to opened her legs for the Prince how she opened her legs for her kidnappers" she laughed out. I stood still, my breathing changed.

"Look" she threw some pictures on the floor. The pictures scattered everywhere. The picture of my thirteen years old self.

I screamed

I wanted to forget, the memories were surfacing

The memories of me begging

The memories of me been beaten up

The memories I tried to his

The memories of my innocence

The memories that haunted me at night

The memories...

My chest constricted, everything was coming back in full. All what I wanted to forget was rushing back.

I was hyperventilating, the world was spinning around, my chest was falling and rising. I wanted to shout but my voice has gone. Tears glistened in my eyes. All what I was hearing is their mockery voice. I wanted to escape.

I felt a wave of dizziness watched over me, black dot clothed on my eyes. But before falling into the darkness I heard someone frightened voice calling me.

I was finally free


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