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   Chapter 10 Nine

Adiya Amir By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 4955

Updated: 2020-02-04 07:01

As I got down from Zaid's car, all eyes were on me. During the past weeks, I and Zaid has bonded. I held the strap of my backpack like my life depended on it and hung my head low. I didn't want to see the disgust look on their faces and I knew this would be the latest news.

A gasp escaped my lips when Zaid's hand snaked around me and adjusted my cape. I mistakenly raised my head up and saw Becky and her minor sneering at me.

I was dead!

I would make sure to avoid them today because I didn't know what they had in their sleeves.

I quickened my pace, wanting to go away from Zaid but the foolish he shouted my name.

I stilled, I couldn't move. He came to me and handed me my book.

"You forget this Dee" he said while tapping my nose.

"Ouch!" I glared at him while he raised his hand in surrender.

I've forgotten we were on the hallway before Sumaya decided to interrupt. "You know, will you guys stop PDA. You are in school not home" she grinned cheekily while I covered my eyes embarrassingly. I peeked through my fingers and saw all the students looked shocked with their mouth opened.

"You know, this stupid cousin of mine, never shows affections. You are the first person" she said softly while she linked our arms together.

As I entered the classroom with a smile, the smile vanished from my lips when I saw a scowling teacher.

"Can you please explain why you are late?" She bellowed.

"Erm..erm" I searched my brain for what to say but found

nched me till blood spluttered out of my mouth before he tore my clothes, revealing my inner wear. I screamed, pushing him away, he started to unbuckled his trousers while my eyes widened.

"please please Becky " I pleaded, because I didn't think I would be able to recover from this.

"Stop" Becky ordered, she came to me and crouched beside my weakened body and spat on me.

"I don't know what he sees you whore but I'm going to make him hate your face" she growled while she signed the others. The came behind me and held me down while Becky crawled my face with her manicured nails. I screamed and thrashed but it was impossible.

When she was through with her damaged, she stood and cleaned her blooded hand with handkerchief.

"Know, this is your last warning. Zaid is mine" she walked on my stomach and her manors videotape everything. The guy carried me back to the car, when the car reached the expressway, they thrown me out. And darkness watched over me.


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