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   Chapter 9 Eight

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The bed was soft and comfy, I snuggled more to the pillow, the heat emitting from it made me smile. When last have I slept like this?.... But wait!.

As my mat changed over night?, and this bed is giving musky manly scent like that of Zaid. I sighed in contentment, I love it.


Zaid ' I mentally screeched.

I opened my eyes a little to take a look and it's indeed not my room.

I screamed and scrambled out of the bed to fall on my butt.

"Why the noise Diya?, come back to bed" he said groggily.

"No" I shook my head with my mouth wide open.

"Just stand, you are sitting on the floor" he said huskily, his voice makes my stomach flip.

As I stood up, I looked at my dress and notice I was not in my cloth. "Who changed my cloth?" I yelled, my eyes widen.

"It was my cousin sis, who changed you" he replied, standing up.

"Ahhhhhh" I screeched, covering my eyes and turning my head. Alhamdullilah I was a black girl or else my face would have shown how embarrassed I was.

He was naked!

"Okay I've dressed up but i was putting on boxer, not like I was naked" he teased.

I removed my hands from my face and muttering some words.

"What did you say" he asked but my stomach used the opportunity to reply. I smiled sheepishly.

"Okay, let's feed that tommy" he said.

I stood and rubbed my sore butt, while following him to the kitchen. This house was big- I was very sure that I would get lost soon.


We entered the kitchen and see the maid scurrying away as if we were plague. It was because of Zaid, he was a ticking bomb, he could explode anytime. I too was wary.

"Out" his voice boomed out, I flinched a little. He looked at me with hurt before it vanished.

He held my hand not like those grip but

at me and hold my two hands between hers. "Please never leave me, stay with him" she whispered.

"And you know, you are the first girl he ever asked out" she said. "He took all his will power to asked you. He arrived home that day and I saw him destroying everything. Angry, frustrated. He has never been rejected. And he always get what he want by hook or crook" she murmured.

"I__I" I stammered, I difn't know what to say.

She shushed me "I know how it feels, in your first day at school someone should tells you he loves you, it's absurd but it's true. He won't stop at anything until you accept him" she said softly.

"But why is he behaving like that, he bullied me;framed me..." I sobbed gently on my hand. She rubbed my back.

"That's his way of behaving, when want something and he's unable to have it and that's is lie because he always get it. He starts behaving abnormal because he has..." she trailed off, looking out of space.

"He has what?" I asked.

"NPD" she replied.

"Then what's the meaning of that?" I asked

She stood and walk away from me upon reaching the door, she looked at me sadly and whispered. I hardly heard what she said. . . . . . .

"Narcissistic Personality Disorder"

I gasped.


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