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   Chapter 6 Five

Adiya Amir By Adeyemi mariam Characters: 3832

Updated: 2020-01-22 08:32

Today is Saturday, there was no school today. I lived with iya oja at Bombata Market, she took me in as her daughter.

"Good afternoon MA" I greeted her warmly. I was staying at her shop for the main time till I rent a container or half shop to call a home.

"Afternoon omo mi" she replied.

"Mo fé sọ fún yín pé mo ti ré lọja" I told her in my local language because she doesn't understand English.


"Hey Diya, how many water remain for yà head" Chidima asked me.

"E no finish faa, remaining bitin" I replied her. Chidima was my igbó friend, that I've in this Lagos.

"Era pour water, ẹ pé òùngbẹ ooo" I advertised, holding my baff on my head.

Since I've arrived at Lagos, I've been hawking cold pour water on the roadside. It was my source of income and feeding.

After school, I would buy some bags of water and sell it by the road. But today, the sun was hot. I continued hawking and advertising.

"ọmọ òní pio water, I wan buy water" I heard a driver in a very expensive black car called me.

I rushed to him, then give him the water. When I wanted to collect my money, the driver started the engine. I shouted and

slapped Mary.

Shola butt in but received a broken nose.

They were all whining like the babies they were.

" If I see anyone of you rats near her again, I swear to God your papa no go recognise you. Trust me". She growled.

"What are you all doing here?, don't you have somewhere to go?. Bye you can go now the show is over" she clapped her hands and shooed them away.

Then she turned to the policemen "Hey bros, don't go yet. You are all disgrace to Nigeria police force" she hissed and turned away with me limping behind her.



Ọmọ mi=my child

Mo fe rẹ loja=I'm going to the market

Era pour water, ẹ pé òùngbẹ =buy pour water, and quesh the thirsty.

Bitin =small

Ọmọ òní pour water= pour water seller.


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