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   Chapter 34 Twenty Eight

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Zaccheus POV

As he stood on the podium expressionlessly, waiting for his mate to greet him with her warmth, his mind drifted back to the previous night.

He knew his mate was hiding something big from him when he told her that he was a virgin. Even though her eyes twinkled with mischief, there was still some sadness and guilty in them and that made him restless.

He didn't whether she was a virgin or not, all that he wanted to be her acceptance.

Screw virginity.

He crept inside her room the previous night, watching the rise and fall of her chest as her hair has covered all her face with drool trailing off to her ear. He chuckled lightly, slightly touching her face to remove her hair when she mumbled out his name.

"Mate is amazing" Ryl whispered with adoration imprinting the image of her face to his memory.

"Yeah" the King replied absent-minded, sitting at the edge of her bed.

The King wondered how he was blessed with a fragile hearted soul like his mate- the complete opposite of him.

She was his strength.

He stood up after staring at her, pecking her forehead which made her shivered and he smiled. Even though she was asleep, her body still wanted him.

When he turned to leave, he was held back by her, staring at him sleepily.

"I thought I was dreaming" she yawned softly, smiling at him while he chuckled and pecked her nose.

"I'm sorry for waking you, just wanted to see".

"Oh, " she wiggled her brows playfully, "You miss me" she teased him, nudging hid shoulder before her eyes widened in realization.

"We aren't supposed to meet a day or.." she was interrupted by warm lips on hers. All her senses were driven away as they moulded synchronizing together as sparks erupted over their body. H

last" he spoke with adoration.

He was brought out of the previous night by the trumpet been blown announcing the arrival of his mate. He could wait to have her because he had promised to kiss all her scars away and make her forget everything.

He felt his mate heavenly scent and the normal beating of her heart before he saw her, it was only a night distance but he missed her so much. It was paining to follows traditions even though he had broken one.

He saw her red stiletto walking into where he was before he saw her goddess's face. He was awestruck with what was before him, he felt his finger twitching to tear the cloth as his junior was throbbed painfully wanting to explore her.

He didn't know he was holding his breath until his warm big hands took her cold small ones softly.

They stared at one another for a long period of time yet short by another trumpet been blown which indicate the ceremony should start.


"The trumpet has been blown" the younger man said, fidgeting his fingers together, he was scared.

"Yes, I head it" the man replied dismissively, cuffing the cufflinks of his suit.

"We will have to pledge our loyalty, I hope he won't know" the younger man voice trembled with fear.

The older man shoot him an annoying glance, rubbing his face  tiredly, "He can never know because I've cut off your loyalty with him".


"You can't understand" the man smirked and patted the dumbfounded young man and walked away.

"The time is counting".


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