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   Chapter 21 Seventeen

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I woke up groggily with a radiant smile plastered on my face. I was happy, I felt energetic as inhaled his shirt. As I wanted to be remembering the nightmare, I untangled myself from the duvet not wanted to spoil my happy self.

I went to the mirror to look at the bruises but found none.

Bingo, he had used its saliva.


Holy mother of noodles.

After I was through with showering, I stood beside the mirror with a comb trying to tame my hair in a ponytail. How I wished my hair to be short but I was obsessed with long hair.

"Barea" Rina tiny wings fluttered around.

"Rina" I shouted in excitement, beaming happily. I didn't even know what caused this overbubbleness.

She stared at me as if, I'd grown another head before she smiled softly at me, "how are you?".

"Me?", I asked sarcastically, "Can't you see I'm extraordinary today?" I flexed my tiny muscles while she shook her head.

"Okay, I see" she replied rhetorically with amusement.

"So, what's up?" I asked twirling my body on Zaccheus's shirt. His shirt was comfortable for me and I could be snuggled to it and lose myself in his scent.

"Nothing is up, it's the ceiling that's up" she rolled her eyes as she fluttered some little glitters on me.

"What's that, " I asked while trying to catch some of the glitters.

"Nothing" she responded deadpanned.


"It's for me to know and for you to find out" she winked before using her little hand to close my mouth, "Close it, we won't want a fly to enter" she smiled.

"You pieces of....." my sentence was interrupted by chirp voice.

"I won't complete the sentence of I was you princess" Zeke entered while dramatically bowing his head.


"A little innocent princess doesn't say an ob

word over and over again like a dumbstruck, " he said and I nodded in agreement before my brain could process his words.

"You calling me dumbstruck?" I scowled at him.

"No, I said like a dumbstruck" he defended.

"Like a dumbstruck and dumbstruck are the same" I argued with my hands on my waist.

"Sorry, I don't mean it to come out like that" he smiled sheepishly.

"But it comes out like that" I smirked slyly at him.

"Yeah" he shrugged his shoulder.

"So whatcha doing here?".


"I do not want to say it?"

"Say what?"

"Your last word" I replied in a duh tone while he shook his head.

"What am I doing with here?" he rephrased my question and I nodded.

"Can't I come to greet my favourite human" he whined as he ruffled my hair that I used almost an hour to tame. It made me nostalgic how he ruffled my hair because he made me remembered my dad when I was young and I felt like crying but I shook it off by glaring at him.

"Sorry, " he said with mischief as he stuck his tongue out and ran out not after banging the door closed.

I sighed while rubbing my chest again to ease the pain I was feeling before I fell on my bed.


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