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   Chapter 17 Thirteen

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Nadazhda POV

I met myself at my dad's house, the house which had some good and bad memories I wanted to forget and keep.

"Nadazhda" I heard my father's angry voice calling me from the sittingroom. I left my paint and rushed to him.

My little self always wished he would change a day. He would be my loving father, he would be my best friend again. He just lose himself I  the darkness.

"Yes p..." I swallowed what I wanted to say next because he didn't want me to call him my father. He said he hated it and he wasn't my father. He was just a sperm donor but whatever happened he would always be my best friend and papa.

"Nadazhda" he called me softly, looking at me with sadness.

"Yeees" I stuttered.

"Do you want to call me papa?" I nodded eagerly, feeling bubbles of happiness deep inside me.

My papa is still there. I thought.

"I'm sorry princess for all what I did" he sniffled and hugged me.

"Papa" I hesitated a little waiting for him to smack me but when he didn't move to hit me, I breathed out in relief, "I forgive you. You are the best papa" I smiled at him, hugging him. I'd missed him so much.

He was hurting because of he lost his wife but I was hurting twice because I lost mommy and papa but papa has come back.

"Princess, I need your help" father said urgently, lookin at his old wristwatch.

"Oh?" I said dumbfounded because I didn't understand what he needed my help for but whatever he wanted my help for I was going to do it because I wanted papa to love me back and make me his favorite girl again.

"Will you help me princess?" he asked slowly.

"Yes papa" I smiled while his eyes lit up like a baby given his Christmas presents.

"You are my favorite girl on earth p

ucked and bit my breast hard.

"please don't, stop" I cried out and received a slap on my cheek.

"Shut up bitch, you are gonna enjoy it by the time I'm through, you'll be shouting don't stop or give me harder" he laughed maniacally.

He put three fingers inside my princess jewel roughly which made me cried out.

It hurt.

I shouted, "you are a slut"

The man continued to rough fingered me before he entered me abruptly. I felt my inside torn into two.

I felt like dying, the pain was executing.

Papa left me.

Papa lied to me.

I couldn't feel my environment or anything that was happening except the pain.

I felt the man emptied in me before he left me on the couch.

Then I met myself at the dungeon, the cold basement with the two guards smiling evilly at me.

"We won't want that princess, open up let's play" one of them said stalking towards me.

"No, please don't do this" I begged.

The other guard torn my clothes, looking at me with list. Both of them lashed on my exposed body. I thrashed around wanting to escape them.

As the man wanted to plug into me, I screamed out loud, "Zaccheus".


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