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   Chapter 16 Twelve

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Zeccheus POV

His chest was pounding, he felt a wave of fear that wasn't his washing over him as he was climbing the stairs to his mate room. He entered to meet her but found her faint scent in the room as if he wasn't there for some days. He went to his room and found nothing too. His senses weren't very clear at the moment because his mate was his first priority.

His beasts were urging him to let them take control but he knew his beasts would damaged everything.

He gave in to his hearing and smelling sense and inhaled his mate scent which was coated with unfathomable fear.

"Mate hurt" Ryk whined softly.

"If anything happens to my little Joy, I will destroy the world" Ryk the most cool and calm out of the beasts cynically said while the others nodded in agreement. Ryk was the most cruel out of the beasts, he hardly react but when he did...

The scent leaded him to the underground dungeon where the higher criminals were kept. The temperature of the dungeon was cold that made it hard for the criminals to survive.

As he took another step, another wave of fear hit him that he nearly fell before he heard his mate screamed his name.

In a flash instant he was the, he saw the guard trying to force himself on her before he released a threatened growl which made him froze. He saw his mate smiled at him because she fell unconscious.

He was feeling immensed pain and hurt.

His mate was hurt, she was almost raped because of his recklessness.

He disgusted himself, he only hoped she would forgive him, if she woke up or wanted to see him.

He released an agonizing howl, the howl that made the wind to be whooshing furiously and the rain to be pouring all it might.

The King cradled his little mate in his arms, he turned to the two pale guards, "don't move" he seethed.

In a flash of light, he took her to the bathroom and bath of her. He almost lose his control when he saw some old and new marks on her body.

His beasts were fuming, all of them were going to pay for it. They going to curse the day they were given birth to and wished to never cross paths with him.

He changed her in his shirt and left her on the bed not befor

walked to her and sucked out her power, making her powerless like a human.

"You can't do that" she said, "I'm your cousin" she cried out.

"I don't have sympathy, empathy and pity. Cousin or not. You've break the rules. You hurt your Luna" he voice boomed out making all of them to bow.

"No, please don't do this. I didn't know" She begged when she saw the King didn't react, she said something that the King made Forbidden. "What would your mother think of you" in a blink of eyes the King removed her arm and walked out as if nothing happened.

The King entered the torture room and saw the culprits had been tied on the electrocute chair.

"Now, now, now, you think you can have your way with my mate. You dare touch my mate" he gritted his teeth together.

"I can't feed on your soul because it has been tarnished but that doesn't mean that you would not suffer. You legs will be removed for walking to my mate, your hands would be butched for touching what is Mine, your eyes would be gouged out for looking at her, your dick would be cut off and feed it to KERBEROS (Cerberus)*"he laughed siniterly as the guards peed on their body. He loved the scent of their fear.

"Now let's begins the..." he was interrupted by someone tugging his mind. He had blocked his mind from any distractions from his prey.

"I think you need to come for her because she is having some fits" avivita said frightened before he rushed out.


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