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   Chapter 14 Ten

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Azebu realm


He breathed softly, trying to catch his breath. His bests were growling, demanding him to mark her. The bites was meant for her to be claimed before he stopped because she didn't know more of his work and it was a sacred thing in his world.

He lose control of himself, he couldn't looked at her. He was ashamed of himself.

He felt a soft hand raising his head up, looking at him with understanding.

"It's Ok" She said softly.

"It's not okay" he shook his head, he was ashamed of himself, "it was meant for you" he stated disgustingly.

"You don't mean to right?" she questioned gently, pecking him at his jaw.

He moved away from her, he was still aroused and her pecking him was making it worst.

I need to get away from before I do something I will regret and she would hate me for. He thought bitterly.

"I'm traveling tomorrow" he blurted out. He needed to get away from her because it wasn't easy to be with her without him not marking and mating her forcefully. And that will hurt both of them.

"What?" she asked.

"I've meeting with the coven tomorrow but I'll be back before this week ends" he reassured her. He wanted to touch her but he cautioned himself.

His beasts were grumbling, hating how he wanted to distance himself from their mate but they understood it was for the best.

"Oh?" she looked sad, he broke his heart.

He left her on the counter without looking back while mindlinking his beta - Zerek.

"I'm traveling tomorrow's morning to Ishbu realm, I've some business there. I want you to stay with your Luna" he ordered, slamming the door to his room.

"Yes my King" Zerek replied and waited for another command for

for his mate. He wanted to be at her embrace. He misses her.

"Can't we just go home and leave all these shit" Ryl growled impatiently.

"I want mate, I need mate, mate mate mate"  Ryl was agitated.

"My King" he heard his name being called and he jerked back to the meeting. His mind wasn't here. He felt a small sting on his cheek and involuntary rubbed the side before he felt another one at the other cheek. He felt something wasn't alright. His beasts continued to rambling and whined for mate especially Ryl.

"Let's go home" Ryl whined.

"I think we should..." the door abruptly opened, cutting him off before a disheveled Rina showed up, panting heavily.

"How dare you a lowly fae entered" the fae's Lord growled. "Guards, take this.." the King banged his fist on the long table breaking it into two.

He was breathing through his nose, the fae couldn't come here except if something grave had happened back home. "Where is Nadazhda" he growled.

"Bareea, Bareea was..." She paused trying to catch her breath, "she is in dang.."sje didn't finish her sentence before she collapsed on the floor.


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