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Sorry the earlier chapter was chapter 7 but wrote 6.

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There was a knock at the other side of the door, the King mumbled out"enter" for his beta to enter the room.

"Eww" the beta scrunched his nose.

"What do you want" he asked, staring at his mate.

"The witches are still waiting, you kept them waiting"

"I'm coming" he replied.

"Have you tell her" the beta asked inquisitively while the King nodded softly.

"She's a blessing" the said tenderly, "she's the light to my darkened soul".

"Yeah, I agree" the beta nodded.

As the beta walked out, the King tucked his mate under the duvet not before pecking her lightly on her cheek. He grinned widely.

The stride out of the room putting on his cold facade. The jaw was twitching because the witches interrupted his time with his mate. He couldn't believe he had a mate.

He brought his mate to orgasm, he smiled at her flushed face and she was screaming his name in pleasure. He never loved his name because his father gave it to him but coming from his mate's mouth made him love it. He got harden instantly. He groaned.

Nadazhda a beautiful human being, she had him rapped around her little fingers.

He entered the throne room with his dangerous aura. The witches knew to be fearful of him because he was fearless. He killed without batting his lashes. He felt no remorse of his actions.

"My King" the five powerful witches said while bowing, he King grunted in reply and sat on his throne.

"Speak" he growled.

The leader of the coven who was a female step forward, "we told that you found your mate. Congratulations my King" his body shook in anger.

He thought he told his subjects and servants not to say a word. "Who told you" he seethed, his beasts wanted to break out. His claws were scraping the arm of his throne, his eyes flashed golden.

The coven trembled in fear, they were powerful but king was t

ind which made me gasp out while breathing hard. I help my chest, protecting my heart not to removed from my ribcage.

I turned and saw a 6ft tall lanky guy. He had a charming smile. If not because I'd seen Zeccheus, I would had fall for him also.

"ern.." I didn't know what to say.

"What is a beautiful lady like you doing in a place like this?" He questioned while my eyes widened in horror.

"I'm sorry princess, I didn't mean to scare you, I was just teasing you" he laughed, holding his tommy as if it was funny.

Funny my ass!

"We got a big garden here, do you want to follow?" He asked while I nodded my head automatically.

"Your hand princess?" he asked me gentlemanly while I giggled.

"Okay as your lordship please" I grinned, as I wanted to touch him, someone yanked me and turned me toward him. I nose met with hard solid chest which was Zeccheus.

"If you dare touch her, your limp will forfeit it" he growled while the man paled.

Zeccheus hurled me up on his shoulder, glared at the man. The man visibly gulped.

"You are scaring the man" I stated and smacked him, " you big oaf".

As he carried me back to his room, I remembered something. . . .

First, I didn't visit the garden. . .

Secondly, I didn't asked his name.


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