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"I think I'm fainting" she said and fell on the ground. He changed abruptly and yelled for the beta-female, "avivit".

"Princess please open your eyes" he whispered, caressing his mate cheeks. He checked her pulse and saw she was breathing softly.

"Where's the damn beta-female. Someone get her for me" he yelled while the workers were trembling.

As the thunder was striking, the rain was falling heavily because the king was angry at himself and sad. He was angry because he caused his mate to fainted.

"My King" Avivit entered urgently and bowed her head in submission and fear. She didn't want to reeled the king's beasts to unleashed.

"Check, what happened to her" he commanded.

She walked forwarded then touched her forehead to feel her soul. "She's sleeping for now sir" she replied softly before she continued, "but she might have a concussion". She said and moved out quickly.

The King sat beside his mate and caressed her hands while humming her a poem, his mom do hummed for him when he was young.

Brighter than moon

Lighter than the sun

His my love for you

You are my light

You are my savior

You came to me

And make my day


My day, bright.

"Our mate is beautiful" Ryl whispered adorably.

"Yeah, mother was right, that mate will be our savior" Ryn responded softly.

"I love her already, she has enchanted and captured me. Im her slave and I shall worship when she walks on because she's my Queen" Ryl vowed while Ryk snickered loudly.

"She looks like goddess" Ryk said while Ryl nodded vehemently.

"I can't wait to taste her lips, her lips looks delicious" Ryk groaned.

"You don't know more than sexual innuendo" Ryl tsked.

"Are you just knowing?" He asked, raising his eyebrows.

"All of you are immature" the King chuckled.

"I can't wait to mate with her" Ryk said.

"Me too, It has been long" Ryn repl

'm anything but cute. Ewww, maybe Ryl is cute but me, "Ryk raised his brow, "I'm dashing" he said, fanning itself.

"Mate, I can't be cute because it's a puppy that's cute but me, I'm a big bad wolf. I need to protect you" Ryl grumbled, shook his head while I laughed out.

"Cute is use for females not me" Ryn said deadpan.

Zeccheus was staring at me when I glanced up, I looked at him in eyes while he flicked his gaze from my lips to my eyes as if he was asking for permission. I was blushing crimson red.

He put his nose at the crooked of my neck, inhaling it before he started to nibbled on it. I moaned softly, feeling myself being soaked. He traced his lips to my jaw and continued nibbling on it, I parted my mouth to breath because my nose wasn't working again.

He huddled me up while I  stranded him, I needed a fiction. I started moving my hip on his groin while he growled softly. I felt something building up in me and I needed to released it. I was rocking on him urgently, needing my release. I felt a wave of ecstasy washed over me and I screamed his name out.

I removed my face from his neck and stared at him, his eyes was golden and I smiled softly at him.

I felt tired and closed my eyes till I fell unconscious.


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