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   Chapter 10 6

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Azubu realm


The man in front of me was an epitome of beauty.

"Shhhh, it's okay" he cooed softly with his velvety honey voice.

I stared at him trying to take in his image before I tasted to death.

His blue deep set of eyes swirled with different kind of emotions that I couldn't decipher. He had a long nose with his long, thick eyelashes fanning his face, his red plumped kissable lips contrary to his white pale skin. His short brownish curls hair falls down his face which was a complement to his thin brows. He looked like he is in his late twenties.

I stared down to his neck, he had some blackish red paint peeking through his polo. I wondered how I was able to see it. Well I was definitely ogling at him.

Then I moved my gaze back to his face and noticye his eyes twinkles with amusement while his lips twitched like he was trying to control himself not to smile.

Holy cow of the calf!


It's holy mother of cow!

He freaking had dimples!

Please death take me now, I'm satisfied, I thought.

"Are you done?" He smiled, my breathing hitchey.

Oh my freaking heart!

I never reacted to men like this.

Then why him!

"Emmmm" I stammered, I didn't even know what to say. I was caught staring.

"What's your name dear" he asked softly. I stared at him for a bit, as I wanted to reply my stomach grumbles- food.

I was very sure my face would be crimson red, I used my hands to covered my face, I was embarrassed.

He chuckled lightly, "okay we need to feed you" he looked straight to the wall like he was in an entrance, his eyes glistened with tears.

What happened!

"Hello, are you okay?" I shooke him a little as I touched him, I felt a wave of delighted electricity round my body which made me gasped loud.

"What happened, why were you looking at the wall?" I asked wor


"Because I told you my secret" he said while I laughed loud.

"I Believe you, you know why before I was died the first time I saw wolves, after that I met a fae that told me she was my guardian and went to the dead realm" I said.

When I saw that he was not replying with what I say, "do you think I'm crazy?" I asked him softly.

"No, my wolf want you to see him" he replied.

"Then show me?" I said, sitting properly on the bed.

"Are you sure?"he asked uncertainly.

"Sure as ever" I grinned.

He moved back and started to removed his clothes while I closed my eyes. I heard him say "watch me how I changed. My vampiric eyes is red, my wolf eyes is yellow while my demon is black and the three of the beasts is gold".

I opened my eyes and saw his eyes changed color before the dislocating of bone was heard. I gasped, it looked painful.

His jaw morphed into a snout with a prominent sharp fangs showing. He realeased a deep howl which make me shivered.

I stared at a beautiful black wolf with fire surrounding it. I moved forward and touched it while it purred like a kitten.

"Thank you for accepting me" I heard the voice in my mind.

"I think I'm fainting" I say before I fell unconscious.


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