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   Chapter 1 Pinky Swett at the mercy of the crowd in the street—Taken

Cast Adrift By T. S. Arthur Characters: 710

Updated: 2017-11-29 00:06

to the nearest station-house-Mrs. Dinneford visits Mrs. Bray

again-Fresh alarms-"She's got you in her power"--"Money is of no

account"-The knock at the door-Mrs. Dinneford in hiding-The visitor

gone-Mrs. Bray reports the woman insatiable in her demands-Must have

two hundred dollars by sundown-No way of escape except through police


rence-"People who deal with the devil generally have the devil

to pay"-Suspicion-A mistake-Sound of feet upon the stairs-Mrs.

Dinneford again in hiding-Enter Pinky Swett-Pinky disposed of-Mrs.

Dinneford again released-Mrs. Bray's strategy-"Let us be friends

still, Mrs. Bray"-Mrs. Dinneford's deprecation and humiliation-Mrs.

Bray's triumph

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