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   Chapter 577 The Enemy

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"Boliy!" Lancy suddenly opened her eyes and knew it would be her!

Having a clue, Lancy contacted Leona immediately regardless of Francis.

Looking at Lancy's back, Francis seemed to be thinking about something or weighing something.

At last, Francis left silently.

As soon as he turned around, he stopped. The woman in front of Francis looked beautiful and noble. She was over forty years old, but her eyes were so clear. It could be seen that her life was very happy.

It was Sherry... It was the mother of Marvin.

"Hello, Mrs. Sherry." Francis quickly came to her senses and whispered.

Sherry stretched out his neck and looked inside, full of worry. However, this was the first time that she had met Francis.

After a careful observation, she had to admit that this child was quite kind.

The fate between people is so wonderful, some people can win others' good-looking at the first sight, while some people can arouse others' disgust at the first sight. Perhaps, this was the so-called predestination.

To be honest, Sherry had a good impression of Francis.

"You are Francis, right? I heard you from Lancy." Sherry's nervous nerves relaxed a little. "Is she all right?"

"It's not good. Sister is worried about her children." Francis's eyes were covered with a layer of mist. "Mrs. Sherry, as a mother, is everyone so worried about their children?"

"Of course!" Sherry nailed the interceptor.

Francis looked at her quietly for three seconds, and then said lightly, "really? Are you also like this? "

"Of course."

Sherry felt that the child was strange, and more strangely, he seemed to be angry? Why?

"Then you can go in and see her."

Without thinking too much, Sherry entered the room.

On the other hand, Francis was leaning against the door, letting the sun lengthen his figure.

In fact, everyone knew that no comfort would be of no avail now. No one could relieve Lancy's anxiety and fear.

Myron and the others were also guarding outside, including Lisa.

After such a big thing happened, it didn't matter whether Lisa left or stayed. Who cared?

However, instead of following Marvin, Lisa stayed here... It was a bit intriguing. But it didn't matter. Anyway, she couldn't care about it at the moment.

Some people were worried, and some took pleasure in her misfortune, but most of them were worried.

Everyone was particularly quiet. Suddenly, there was a noise in the room, and Lancy rushed out.

"He went out?" Of course, she was asking about Marvin. Maybe it was because Sherry mentioned it inadvertently in order to comfort Lancy, but Lancy's reaction was beyond people's expectation.

No one knew better than Lancy what it meant that Marvin chose to take Luke down the mountain at this time!

That meant he had news.

Therefore, Lancy suddenly became excited! That damn man! How could he hide it from her!

Lancy gritted her tee

Coincidence? Lancy sneered. Maybe someone did it on purpose?

Different from the usual low-key way, several main entrances to the factory were guarded. Although there were not many people, they were obviously good at fighting.

A tall and strong man could be seen from their standing posture that they had been strictly trained. His insight was not to be underestimated.

They found Lancy and others almost at the same time.

Lancy looked at the car parked not far away and knew that her man had entered.

With a gloomy face, she was about to step forward.

But she was caught by Myron. Lancy] turned around and saw Myron's angry face. "Are you crazy? Go back with me now."

Myron's original idea was a little similar to that of Lisa's. He wanted to take Lancy out for relaxation.

However, she did find it.

The enemies looked unfriendly. How could Myron let her in like this? Wasn't she courting death!

At the same time, Lisa also showed disapproval and "sure enough". After all, an ordinary woman would rush up regardless of anything when she encountered such a situation. He didn't want to see if she could defeat him.

The disparity between the two forces was too great. Did he think that she died not fast enough?

With a glance at them, Lisa knew that they were professional killers. Unlike ordinary kidnappers... Thinking of this, Lisa's eyes flashed and he looked at someone subconsciously.

Perhaps it was because Myron was too relaxed or something else, his hand was shook off by Lancy. With a cold smile at the corners of Lancy's mouth, she said, "till now, do you still want to stop me?"

Lancy looked evilly at the man coming over. It had been a long time since she took action, and her body was stiff! It was time to move.

"Who are you? Give it to me now... " The man who came to ask didn't take it seriously when he saw there were women among the group. They thought it was the residents here.

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